10 commandments of the modern B2B Marketer

19 May 10 commandments of the modern B2B Marketer

The modern MarketerThere is no doubt Marketing has totally changed from finding suitable adjectives for your services or products and loudly shout it out to something we used to call target groups. For Modern B2B Marketing it´s all about creating value for your customers by providing your expertise to solve your customers real challenges to build trust that ends up gaining new business.

The modern B2B Marketer is here!

Being a Marketer today is a whole other story. Now it is “real-time”, now its a forever ongoing process and it is all about what internet has made with your customers behavior. This evolution of marketing has crept upon us for quite some time and now we are facing a reality that is stunning and at the same time maybe a little scary. We have to do new stuff and we have to change our starting points and truths. For us as Marketers there is a great possibility to do more good than ever before if we embrace change, start using technology and changes the way we work.

If you follow my ten commandments below I promise you one thing – you will end up doing things a little bit differently as soon as tomorrow and that is a good start.

  1. Ideas! Ideas are still the most valuable thing you ever can have! Do not fool yourself on this one. Nothing could ever be more important for Marketers then coming up with ideas that has a chance to change how your customers feel and interact with your company. Nothing! If you only going to remember one thing from this post this is the one, nothing is more important for Marketers then great ideas.

  1. Marketing is “everything”! In the past it was easy to isolate what marketing was, at least we made it easy for ourselves deciding what marketing was. It was campaigns, ads, events and more. Now its every touch-point that you have the outside world and that means “everything” that is communicating with your market even your employees, right?! In a connected world where transparency is a demand you have to take a new fresh approach on what marketing is all about. Please do. Refresh your brain on this one, it means a lot when approaching new projects and ideas.

  1. Data! If you get stressed out for a Excel-sheet, it´s gonna be a lot worse than that, sorry to say, but it is for sure a fact. To be able to collect and understand data from your customers and leads should be a top priority for every B2B Marketer these days. There is no question that data will help you to be more efficient and more relevant for your audience and that is exactly what you need to be to have a chance to grow your efforts in the future. No more guessing, no more assumptions, just facts gathered on data. Does it sound boring? It might be, but make sure your tools are the best one to USE! Don´t care about if it has the best technical specifications, just make sure the tools you choose is easy and joyful to use. It´s your playground and you have to like to spending time there.

  1. Community is more important than your customers! It might sound crazy but it isn´t. In fact your community is the one who creates customers for you. You cannot sell your stuff to even half as many as your community can create buyers for you. Your customer might be a huge and important part of your community, but it doesn´t have to be like that. You can actually create a lot of “fans” that joins your “movement” just because they like what you do and shares your values. They might never buy anything at all from you, but sure they can create a lot of business. This one might sound strange, I know, but think again. It´s not how much you can sell that counts, what counts is how many who want to buy from you and it is a totally different thing.

  1. Social media is history – the web is social and so it it will be! For not that long time ago there was an enormous buzz going on regarding social media. I know, we have spend a lot of time reading, analyzing and acting on all those platforms and I do hope that it has payed off, cause it do in the long run. Why? Because your customers are out there! It´s actually that simple if you think of it. The web is where everything happens and a big part of it is social. When your marketing creates that golden moment of a “touch-point” with someone that reaches out, you have to be there and interact. If not, your marketing is a waste.

  1. Technology! Marketing technology is here to stay and finally Marketers has tools that is aimed for them. It´s about time, Marketing is the last department that not have been supported by a proper business tool that measure performance and gives support for their work. That is history by now and it will once again give Marketers a chance to regain the position they deserve. I am talking about smart, innovative and easy to use “tools” to make your marketing happen and the most important tool there is for a modern Marketer – Marketing Automation platforms. What it all comes down to at the end of the day, you have to save data of your prospects and customers digital activities and make sure you can act upon those tracks.

  1. Writing! Tell your story and someone might want to listen, if it brings meaning to their life. To be able to tell someone a story demands that you are good at writing and that is not always something that comes with “nature”, in fact it is more likely the opposite and that means we have to do a lot of training. So get started, if your company does not have a blog, start one and start writing for it. If that´s impossible start your own one and start writing about stuff that gets you going. Your engagement will shine through and your writing skills will improve over time.

  1. Algorithms and SERP:s. Yes, it has come to a point where you have to dig into these area of Search Engines and what it means for your business and your marketing. If you don´t do it you will be stuck with a lot of expensive consultants tells you what it is all about and how you are going to make it to the top of the search engine result page. You might need them, but you also have to understand the basics to understand the interaction between what type of content you set up on your web page and how you use your writing skills to be detected and highly ranked by Google and other search engines.

  1. Marketers are growth builders! As a Marketer you are growth builder, not some guy doing funny little events or writes a few blog posts. No, you need to re-launch yourself as the voice of the customer. It has never before been more important to set marketing as the top priority for any company, it is absolutely necessary to do that. See yourself as a Ambassador for your customers and a growth builder for your company, cause that what your are.  

  1. Stop planning and start doing! Don´t get stuck in planning and strategy documents. Make a roadmap instead and spend your time on finding the reason why your company exists. Or make it even harder, sit down and write a Manifesto to find out what you believe in. When you find the sentences that gives you a warm and tender feeling inside, you know you got it, it´s an amazing feeling. Then get to action, todays marketing is in real-time and in never pauses, your customers are out there every single day and you need to reach out and start to interact, entertain and educate your customers.


One more thing, doing is going to make you fail, but don´t be afraid, everyone has to fail to succeed so learn from these occasions and realize that it is necessary for being successful!  

With love!