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30 Mar 10 tools to enhance your digital marketing



Despite the overabundance of free online tools available to assist digital marketers today, many of us still wait until a friend or colleague puts us on to a new one to adopt.

In this post we’re going to share some of the tools that we here at Leadsius use on a daily basis to make life a little easier; this will go hand in hand with one of our previous posts that featured high quality image sources!

Here at Leadsius we have staff sitting in Sweden, the United States as well as Chile; this means that streamlined and simplified communication is key as well as having tools at the ready to ensure swift and smooth transitions from task to task.

Let’s take a closer look at the tools we’re using that you can easily get started with as well:


Digital Tools for Digital Marketers




Infogram: Tools to make life easier as a digital marketer


Infogram allows you to create beautiful infographics with minimal effort; we highly recommend signing up and bookmarking this one.

If infographics are your cup of tea; take a sip and see how it tastes! 


2. Social Cast


Social Cast


Social cast could most accurately be described as facebook for your company. we took quite some time to search these kinds of platforms and found social cast to have the features we were looking for. it’s great for sharing findings, articles, company updates as well as funny videos, memes and the occasional vacation photo to tease your colleagues stuck in the office.


3. Sprout Social


Sprout Social


At this point it’s somewhat old news to know of social monitoring platforms, but sproutsocial allows us to track performance metrics across our company’s social channels and makes posting a breeze.

Users be warned!

You still have to take a realistic approach when using these kinds of tools. You don’t want to be the person, for example, posting hashtags along with your LinkedIn udpates; that right there is a clear giveaway that you’re just slapping posts across everything at once and really reduces your sense of authenticity with your audience.


4. Bitly




Having the ability to create short-links helps – a lot! No one wants an email, text or any form of sharing a URL that features some 148,000 character long URL.

Brevity is key – give bitly a shot!


5. Sniply




Content curation is a great way to engage with your audience and keep a pulse despite maybe not creating as much content in-house as you may like.

Sniply allows you to attach CTA (call-to-action) headers to the content you’re sharing so that you can still drive traffic back to your website, landing pages and more; it’s a win-win for everyone involved! 


6. Canva




Canva is a great tool for the, “I’m not comfortable using photoshop” digital marketer. It’s incredibly easy to create great images for blog posts, newsletters or other kinds of marketing campaigns thanks to this free tool. Just remember to be kind and share the goods when you start getting compliments and having people ask you how you created your fancy new imagery :)


7. Trello



Trello is great for helping us to manage projects and lets us create “cards” that we drag & drop to different brackets that feature titles such as, “to-do, working on, awaiting approval, completed.”

Our development team uses Trello as well as our design and content teams – have a look for yourself!

8. Eye Dropper


Eye Dropper


We use eye dropper all the time when creating custom templates for our premium users or for our own emails as well. this chrome plug-in allows you to click and hover over any color you may see on a web page and grab the color code to make sure your visuals are on-point.


9. Awesome Screenshot


Awesome Screenshot


Awesome screenshot is another chrome plugin that lets us snap a quick screen shot but draw on top of it, adding some notes for feedback. it’s certainly made communication easier from a design perspective and we continue to use this free tool.


10. Conjure




Conjure is similar to awesome screenshot but more in-depth and gives you increased capabilities. If design is your thing you’ll want to check this one out.


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