22 Sep 2 Cost Saving Benefits of Marketing Automation for SMB’s

For the person tasked with shopping around, you aren’t just analyzing the amount of money your business can make by adopting this particular software, but also how much money your business can save. The money saved can often be overlooked quite simply because of the way marketing automation tools are toting revenue acceleration benefits.

For those of you in the market for an SMB marketing automation platform that still face convincing your boss or shareholders on the potential value, lets take a look at some cost-saving benefits that aren’t spoken about nearly as often as the revenue-generating benefits:

1. More insourcing, less outsourcing


It’s quite common for start-ups and smb’s to outsource tasks to freelance designers and agencies simply due to a lack of resources in-house. While adopting marketing automation won’t place a copywriter or graphic designer in your hands, it’s going to allow you to take advantage of email, web form and landing page editors to quickly create your own conversion paths, drip campaigns and demand generation programs.

This is going to free up some space on your budget by allowing one team member to accomplish what a few would be able to otherwise. With this excess space freed up on your budget you’ll be able to allocate your resources to other crucial areas, thus allowing your business to scale much quicker than it may have been able to otherwise.


2. Add ‘data strategist’ to your company’s hat collection


It goes without saying, but the people working at SMB’s more often than not are wearing multiple hats within their organization. Once you’ve adopted a marketing automation platform you’re going to allow, at the least, one person to really champion that software and own this arena for your company.

The great thing about this situation is that this person isn’t going to simply be in charge of your newsletter, but also in control of valuable data on your audience and the development of your most active segments. By gaining valuable insight on the regions, industries and interest of your audience you’re going to be able to maximize the ROI when it comes to content creation, marketing channel prioritization and more.

Essentially your SMB focused marketing automation platform is going to allow you to get the most out of the resources you do have and as a result, free up money for other marketing projects. This is a key adoption point for any SMB that’s in the market for this type of software.


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