7 Steps to become a Content Guru

26 Nov 7 Steps to become a Content Guru

Winston Churchill – A Master of Content Creation

  • How do you become a Content Guru? 
  • What are the steps? 
  • Who is a Content Guru?

In today’s blog-post we will give you some clues on the steps to become a true professional in the content creation area. 

A word of warning though; this is an area that will take an indefinite time to become a champion of. However, those who master the art of content, they can become masters of the world. If you’re ready for the challenge, keep on reading! 

Winston Churchill – the best content creator of all times
Why was Winston Churchill voted the most important Briton of all times? In one explanation; He could handle the English language better than no other before or after him.

To read or listen to Churchills word who was carefully crafted, edited time & time again before publicly release, and delivered in a way when each syllable was intonated exactly as it was supposed to be is a timeless education in the art of mastering content creation.

What can we learn from Winston as simple immortals, ie you & I? Well, the easiest step is to make sure that we think before we speak, to edit before we release and to note each important thought we have in our head because its very easy to forget what you just thought was a brilliant idea.

7 steps to become a Content guru amongst your peers!

1. Share what others are saying!

Use Social Media to share thoughts & articles of importance to those you care about. The person who is always updated on the latest information is an important person to stay in touch with. Make sure you appreciate others in order to become appreciated yourself.

2. Read!

It goes without saying; read, read & read more. Take your time to put yourself into the hearts & minds of smart people by really reading what they have written. If possible, go to the first source of information in order to make sure that you’ve understood exactly the thoughts & ideas that are published.

3. Digest content before published!

If you’ve got a comment on other people’s publication or have come up with your own idea for content. If its content of importance, sleep one night before it gets published. Why? The reason is that it takes you at least a day to really know if it was that important that you first thought. If it still feels as important the second day, then you’re better equipped to stand by your arguments if there becomes any.

4. Always, always take critique in a positive fashion!

To get critique; whether its positive, negative or just as an informative comment is the reaction that you want to have. Ignorance is the death for content creators. So everything else than ignorance should be happily accepted in order for you to create a dialogue originating from your thoughts.

5. Publish, create & repeat!

Here comes the tricky part; just because you created content yesterday doesn’t mean you’re ready today. Content is served best fresh, it doesn’t mean that yesterday’s content has to be bad, however, people always want more & more and the later created, the more newsworthy it is. So make sure you follow the rules to feed your peers happily.

6. Fun is better than boring!

If you listen to Winston Churchill, you will find him take every chance of making a joke when appropriate. To make joke’s so that everyone understands them is a comedian’s highest dream. The trick is to make joke’s that everyone can relate to, the closer your peer group you’ve got the easier it becomes. However, a big word of warning; If you’re not sure everyone gets the joke – don’t do it – because a bad joke can ruin your content career.

7. Be personal!

Finally, people wants to read about people, so write from you to me in order to get people’s attention. And to make you feel that I’m taking this personally, I’ve just devoted one hour of my time to get your attention, if you like what I’m writing – please share it with me – it means everything to me :-).