Agile Marketing – Why it works and how to make it work

03 Mar Agile Marketing – Why it works and how to make it work

agile_balanceWhy agile marketing works and how to make it work for you!  It´s an act of balance.

As Marketer you are always in a battle between what to do next and what to do right now, there is always something new to act on and understand in the evolution of marketing,  I guess that is never gonna change.

You might have the perfect strategy and even the best plan ever, but there is always new “stuff” creeping up on you challenging your priorities, that is for sure stressful and we need to find a way forward to take away a lot of insecurity and frustration. Not knowing if you´re adding value to your business right now and tomorrow. We all go there from time to time and I have over the years tried a lot of different approaches to keep me on track and reduce the stress. I have figured out a model that keeps me on track for now and keeps me away from the “bling-bling” of the future. 

As a Marketer your definitive goal is to put in as much time and effort that is needed to add value to your companies business needs as they are today. At the same time your job is to create ideas to grow your business over time, it is an act of balance. Being committed to adding value in short- and long term demands a lot of hard work and ability to understand your market and your audience. Not a job for everyone…

If you’re like me, you love new creative ideas and it is always tempting to grab one of these ideas and let your energy flow. I love these moments, but the problem is obvious, it might not be the right thing to do, not for now, maybe later or maybe never (sometimes good ideas have to die, I am sad to say). So, I have figured out a “process” and a model  to balance what to do and when to do it. I will explain it to you very soon and hopefully you use the mindset to create a more efficient, productive and transparent way of how you as Marketer can embrace the “holy grail“ of Agile Marketing.

Plan 3 months ahead, keep your creativity burning and do prioritize hard

For me it has been a great relief to figure out my working progress on daily basis and how to set up a relevant and doable plan for 3 months ahead. What I do 4 months from today is depending on what I accomplish and learn, not from what I thought might be important writing a marketing plan for several months ago, can you see where I am going? It might be stressful having a clean sheet, if so, fill it up with bullets that works more like a road map, no details and keep it wide open for a lot of changes, the things you do and how your customers act will definitely give you the answers you need, otherwise you are listening good enough. This “working-model” keeps me focused on what to do now and it also gives me a visual overview of what’s next. It keeps me more motivated and less frustrated and it is so easy to communicate to others.

Before I explain the “model” I need to point out that Agile Marketing is not about just doing things because it feels right, no. Strategy and tactics have its given place and are crucial, but working more agile and finding out how to do it will most certainly strengthen your strategy (if you dare to adapt) and definitely make your everyday work and tactics more efficient. Another great outcome of it is that it is easily communicated to the rest of your team and that is as you all know very, very important.

The case of Leadsius

For Leadsius our strategy and tactics can be described like this in a very brief overview. Our strategy is to be the alternative within the field of Marketing Automation. An alternative that is simplified. We are pointing out a different approach on what MA is all about, how to get started and how to grow into a perfect fit instead of trying to figure it out from day one.

Our tactics is to show how to do it more agile and we always say that getting started is more important that filling in all the “boxes”. We actively want to show how to do it the “other” way and from this tactic point of view we act on as many platforms as possible to find out how we can engage with our audience as good as possible. We don’t have a master plan and we are always willing to rethink our strategy if we find it necessary. Our interactions keeps us on the right track, not our own guessing trying to figure out the magical marketing plan.

Getting it done – execution is everything! I spend half of my working days creating leads to our sales and whit that I mean – hands on work. For me it means generate traffic, conversion and interaction. I use a range of tools keeping track of all this and mostly this work for me means being on social media, sending e-mails, writing e-mails, , calling people (yeah, I sometimes do), meet with partners and writing copy and of course – creating content like this blog post. My daily hands-on work is always concentrated on one thing, interact and build interest for Leadsius among our growing audience. The tasks I do is always focusing on generating business opportunities and therefore it is always clear how I must prioritize my daily work.

Split up your hours between hands-on work and ongoing projects

This is what I do half of the time I work. The other half is all about the next project, the next idea needed to be ready to fly and to be fitted into a my daily routine. These projects with great new ideas, has its foundation in your strategy and needs to be adjusted to fit to your tactical moves on your market. And keep them coming – store them all and fall in love with them as often you can, it makes it easier to know which one to grab into next. You have to be confident when choosing and set some of your wonderful ideas on hold. They  will be there for you when the times comes, involve those who is needed to be and just decide which project that is most important for the upcoming three months. There you go, you have a plan and you know what to do to get there.

Like this – half of your working hours shall be spent on “doing” what needs to be done for daily progress. The rest of your working hours is about your upcoming planned projects that you have already prioritized. Keep that process alive, communicate it and keep on adding new outstanding ideas to your list and involve the right people in determine whats next and your work will be efficient, productive and a lot fun! One more thing that is needed to make it work is to get hold of the platforms and apps that makes it happen. For me, as for today I use the following tools to get my workflow flow;

Getting into the game is the only way to win it, that is for certain true. And also, getting prepared for it is absolutely necessary to have a fair chance playing it good. That leaves me with a clear picture of what Agile Marketing is. Knowing what you are up to (strategy), how to play it (tactics) with the attention of learning how to improve over time. Does that make any sense – what´s your take? Really, really want to hear your thoughts on this one. 

Happy Marketing!