11 Oct Announcement: New Pricing Model

Today we’re launching new plans and pricing. The new pricing model, as shown below, has been simplified, and now offers only two plans instead of the previous four. We made these changes in order to:

  • allow all our users – Free or Premium – to gain access to all features in Leadsius
  • offer our Premium users a low starting point – US$ 45 per month

New Business Model

The Premium Plan start at as little as US$ 45 per month with yearly contract. If you have a Premium Plan you can add additional contacts. Here’s how the pricing model will work for additional contacts.

Premium Plans

You can find more information about the new pricing on our pricing page.

How this pricing change will affect you

Following today’s announcement, we are rolling out this new pricing model on Wednesday 12th October.

As of this date, new customers will be required to subscribe to this new plan, and existing customers will have the option to either move over to this new pricing model, or wait until Monday 7th November 2016, before they are required to transition to the new plan.

Existing customers on the Free plan with more than 250 contacts have two alternatives:

  • Upgrade to Premium, or
  • Delete contacts to reach less than 250 contacts

Existing customers with Premium Subscriptions
 will automatically be grandfathered to the same contact level as today. A Leadsius representative will contact you to help you with the migration.

What About Yearly Pricing?
You can still take advantage of yearly pricing by going to your account settings page. By paying for a whole year up front you get an approximately 17% discount on the whole year.

Let us know if you have any questions, and thank you for being an Leadsius user!


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