Author: Chris Lawrence


29 Mar New Release: Contact View & Bounce Updates

This month we're pleased to announce an updated contact view, which sets the stage for other exciting releases! Here's a look at what's new and what's to come: 1. Updated Contact View Our new contact view has seen a few key changes. The first you'll notice is that...

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Leadsius partners with Silicon Valley / Bay Area agency

20 Oct From Stockholm to Silicon Valley

Growing our partner network is an ongoing project at Leadsius and not just because we want to see more people discovering the platform, but because we want people around the globe to feel that they have a more localized Leadsius presence - we want to make...

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Leadsius 2015 upgrades

25 Aug Coming Soon to Leadsius – Q3, 2015

As always, our dev team has been sifting through feature requests and other planned upgrades in order to keep our roadmap here at Leadsius up-to-date. Heading into this fall we have a lot on our plate (in a good way) and felt it would be nice to share some of the upgrades and other hard work that we expect to come to light relatively soon.
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how to vacation without neglecting your SMB

29 Jun How to vacation without neglecting your SMB

It’s that time of year again; for some this means it’s time to trade-in the pavement pounders for a breezy pair of flip-flops and hit the nearest airport; for others this means being stuck in the office while grabbing occasional glimpses via social media of your friends and family on vacation. Whether you’re working within an EU country such as our beloved Sweden, where employers are mandated to give approx. 5-6 weeks of paid vacation per year to all employees, or you’re working in the United States where employers offer little or no paid vacation, one thing remains true: we all need time off to disconnect, relax and come back to work rejuvenated.
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