B2B Marketers all around the world is joining the Marketing Automation revolution!

24 Apr B2B Marketers all around the world is joining the Marketing Automation revolution!

 Leadsius users in the world

Leadsius Free Marketing Automation brings B2B Marketers together! 

Since the launch of the worlds first truly Free Marketing Automation Platform in December last year a movement has begun – Marketers from all around the world has discovered that Marketing Automation isn´t only for the big companies with the big money. In only a few months over 450 Marketers from 36 countries have joined our Marketing Automation platform and are now taking advantage of the technology that is crucial for Marketers in all sizes of businesses. 

With Leadsius it is possible to get started at no cost. Over time and when needed and wanted, it is possible to add more functionality to get even more advanced and still pay just about half of the money compared to the big systems out there. It´s a whole new approach and Marketers are now, more than ever before, adopting a agile work (More about Agile Marketing from @chiefmartec) approach which means that big Change Management projects are out and in are scalable, affordable and easy-to-use platforms.  As one of our users recently said: 

“You are totally turning this industry upside down! Most other market players and competitors in this industry segment tend to target to sell large systems that need time-consuming implementations (and change management…), which means costly and complex processes. This is a get-started hurdle for Marketers. Your model on the other hand, makes it easier to test what it´s all about and grow from there. It´s a game-changer for starting projects!”, says Jahrl Stefan Norberg, Co-Founder of Modulead, a Demand Generation and Content Marketing firm in Paris focusing on the SMB market.

We are determined to give every hard working B2B Marketer out there the chance to grow their efforts with a Free Marketing Automation platform that provides them with free web-tracking, free e-mail marketing, free landing page-creator, free lead database, free web-form creator and more!  


For us Marketing is passion and performance and that´s why created Leadsius. Marketers need to do what they do best, create great ideas that creates growth for their companies. To execute these fantastic ideas they need the best tools there is and these tools need to be created for Marketers to work within. That´s what we do. Create an account and get started right away!