11 Oct Announcement: New Pricing Model

Today we’re launching new plans and pricing. The new pricing model, as shown below, has been simplified, and now offers only two plans instead of the previous four. We made these changes in order to: allow all our users - Free or Premium - to gain...

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why Leadsius-the no-bs assessment

01 Jun The No-BS Marketing Automation Buyer’s Guide

So you’re in the market for a good marketing automation platform, but need a simple way of comparing what’s available without having to sit through hours of demo’s loaded with buzzwords for features that leave you walking away more confused than you were at-first-google. To save a few strands of hair from greying prematurely, we’ve created this simplistic Value Proposition for SMB’s looking into marketing automation to help speed things up.
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What is a Transactional email

11 May What Is A Transactional Email, Act-ually?

When I search, “What is a transactional email?” on Google, I receive the following as my first result (after the paid ads that is): transactional email definition This is a good definition, but hearing the words, “user” and “automated” makes me feel like I’m living on the grid as a Tron character rather than learning about how to better understand transactional emails. So for the sake of pretending we aren't in Tron (as much as I think that would be awesome), lets go the more human route and learn about these, "transactional emails."
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Web Form Etiquette 101: Manners for Marketers

05 May Web Form Etiquette 101

Web forms are often referred to as the gateway to your leads, but what happens when you over-step or under-step your boundaries? How does one even know when or where those boundaries were breached? Lets take a look at what to ask, when to ask it and where to ask it when it comes to web forms embedded across your website and throughout your landing pages depending on a few distinct situations.
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tools to your digital marketing

30 Mar 10 tools to enhance your digital marketing

    Despite the overabundance of free online tools available to assist digital marketers today, many of us still wait until a friend or colleague puts us on to a new one to adopt. In this post we’re going to share some of the tools that we here at Leadsius use on a daily basis to make life a little easier; this will go hand in hand with one of our previous posts that featured high quality image sources!
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what are landing pages

23 Mar What are Landing Pages – really?

  Considering that many of the SMBs getting started with Leadsius are brand new to the world of marketing automation, we see certain questions come at us time and time again. One of the questions that we get quite often is, “What is a landing page - exactly?” 
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How to humanize your marketing automation

16 Mar How To Humanize Your Marketing Automation

One of the concerns some people may have with the adoption of marketing automation is that they’re afraid to lose that oh-so-human touch when reaching out to the people interacting with their business. While this concern is a healthy one, the truth is that marketing automation is only as human as we humans allow it to be (meaning you don't have to sound like an NSA-built automated robot if you don't want to!)
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