Coming soon to Leadsius

25 May Coming Soon to Leadsius

Here at Leadsius, early 2015 brought some exciting upgrades such as our brand new drag & drop email editor, updates to our drag & drop web form builder and a new version of our marketing dashboard. Despite the progress made, we’ve been hard at work behind the scenes in an effort to bring you even more powerful and exciting releases.

Let’s take a quick look at what’s to come!

1. Leadsius for WordPress

Leadsius for WordPress teaser

Right now we’re gearing up to release our WordPress plugin, something we’re ecstatic about considering how many people depend on WordPress to run their business websites and blogs.

With this release, tasks such as adding new web forms and call-to-actions across your website go from being viewed as a minor project to a quick to-do. This is great news for many SMBs that rely on agility or ease-of-use in order to quickly add new landing pages, web forms and workflow triggered communications for their most recent offers and promotions.

Things are still a bit hush-hush, but we expect this release to go live any day now as it has been submitted for review to WordPress.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth blog post and formal announcement once the time comes; this will outline all you need to know regarding this (rather awesome) new release!

2. Drag & Drop Landing Page Builder


Drag and drop landing page


We see this as the last piece of the puzzle in making Leadsius arguably the most easy-to-use marketing automation platform available to SMBs.

While our HTML-based landing page builder comes with some great templates, the ability to drag & drop your way to a landing page completes the 1-2-3 punch when you factor in our drag & drop email and web form builders.

There is no tentative date for this release as we’ve just started the development phase, but what we can say is that we’re aiming for some time during late-summer / early-autumn.

We’ll certainly have more exciting developments on this in the near future, but we figured a little teaser mention couldn’t hurt.


3. Capability Enhancements


Leadsius Capability Enhancements


While our roadmap is fully stacked when it comes to the bigger developments such as integrations and new builders, we strive to maintain a rolling prioritization process regarding new features that you as the people who use Leadsius are requesting to us.

If you have any great ideas for upgrades to Leadsius, we encourage you to submit these suggestions to use via

Thanks for checking out this post on what’s to come and if you’d like to see more or hear more, we’d love to show you and tell you as much as we can in a live demo environment.


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