Leadsius vs email marketing platforms


What sets Leadsius apart



At first glance, email marketing is significantly cheaper vs marketing automation. However, dig a bit deeper and you’ll realize that once you’ve adopted a premium tool for emails, web forms, landing pages, analytics & more, you might as well have gone with a marketing automation platform.



Selecting an email marketing platform for your company is like selecting a company to build the windows for a brand new building; it’s only going to handle a portion of what you need to create, execute & review. With marketing automation all of your tools rest in one toolbox.



By housing all of your components under one roof, you’ll increase efficiency, reduce unnecessary mistakes and find yourself working in a more streamlined fashion. So ditch all of  those tabs you have open on your browser and downsize to a more agile and robust way of creating truly love-able marketing.

Users of email marketing are 75% more likely to adopt marketing automation and once they've done so, are able to report 2x the amount of leads being generated and communication that's over 2x more effective.


With a tool that lets you build things like this…


and that shows you data like this…

…you’ll dramatically improve the way in which you approach your marketing.

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