Content Hubs

Leverage content from multiple channels to grow your brand

What we do

We develop: Based on WordPress and our own Marketing Automation plugin we design and develop content hubs that gives marketers full control of their content experience.

We produce: Through a network of freelancers and our own employees we create and curate content. Your content hub can host branded content, curated content, social media content, videos, web forms to generate new leads and more.

We distribute: You won’t be pigeonholed into any one distribution method – through advertising, newsletter, social media and marketing automation we make sure your content gets in front of your audiences.


What makes our content hubs unique


Conversion focused

Rest assured that your content hub has been built by a company whose heart & soul revolves around lead conversion. By utilizing web forms, advanced workflows and other features already embedded in our marketing automation software, companies can do a lot more than just look good in regards to having a content hub.



Thanks to components such as our WordPress marketing automation plugin, we have the tools and knowledge required to construct content hubs that offer robust conversion capabilities while delivering them in a streamlined and efficient way. The result: an advanced solution at a fraction of the market cost.


Traffic & Distribution

Creating your content hub is one thing, but possessing the distribution strategy or formula to drive ideal traffic is another. By fuzing elements from our advertising services into your content hub, we’re able to deliver the leads your company needs to keep your sales pipeline satisfied with fresh opportunities.

Content hubs we’ve developed…


Orio, the exclusive supplier of Saab auto parts, together with Leadsius created this interactive content hub specifically for their partnered auto shops. Through this hub, Saab service centers can boost their knowledge and expertise via free as well as premium (gated) content.

Egloo, a Swedish IT infrastructure provider, sought Leadsius’ help in creating a content hub aimed towards current and prospective clients with the goal of providing insights into their products and services. This content helps Egloo assert it’s position as an educator and enabler within it’s industry.

Edimia is a digital publishing company that produces educational software and through Leadsius, they were able to create an interactive content hub that acts as the face of their brand capturing leads and educating them along the way!

How building a content hub works


Step 1: Analyze & Define Strategy

  • Learn the business & define buyer personas
  • Define categories, segments, gating strategy, etc
  • Begin building of content hub
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Step 2: Content Creation & Curation

  • Outline main goals and develop strategic content calendar
  • Generate organic content, curate external content and leverage external resources if necessary
  • Begin publishing content, both organic & curated
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Step 3: Content Distribution & Advertising

  • Activate multi-channel distribution & advertising
  • Analyze & gauge traffic, reach and conversion rate
  • Optimize lead conversion & engagement tactics


Leadsius content hubs are custom-built solutions. Pricing is determined after we assess your parameters and content goals.

We offer six-month & annual pre-paid pricing plans. Contact us to learn more about our pricing options.