Create Content like a Rolling Stone

31 Jan Create Content like a Rolling Stone


Create content like a Rockstar

Content Marketing is for sure a powerful method to attract your and nurture your audience, but it demands content, good content that does the job all the way. So the question is – How do you create content like a Super Star? Is it coming to you from the sky? Is it because someone tells you to do it? There’s no magic behind the creation of lyrics, writing a blog post or making an info graphics. Its the combination of generating ideas, putting these ideas into work and then spread them through every means available. Let me tell you about how great content is created!

The Java Method
I love sitting in a Coffee shop, looking at people strolling by. Maybe you’re getting into a discussion with an interesting person, maybe you see someone rushing by that inspires you. The method is to become distracted enough so it generates new thinking. And if you get a new thought? Well, its a great start for new content.

The Rolling Stones Method
Are you a fan of the Stone’s? Have you ever wondered where all the great lyrics came from? The answer; from the ground & up!

Keith Richard describes in his biography how a simple trick was used to create much of their historical lyric. Before a recording session, they put newspapers on the ground, taped them on the walls, well even in the toilet they made sure newspapers were available.

For what purpose? Words. As they came up with the music they glanced at the rooms in order to find words. Where did my eyes go? Up in the left corner of the ceiling where the words said “Missing Boy”. Lets sing “Missing Boy”!

Content is everywhere, you just need to read it!

The Bring a Recorder Method
The idea to this blog post came early in the morning. It started out with the idea of how Rolling Stone’s created its lyrics and eventually formed this blog post of methods for content creation.

In a smart-phone world you’re always having a recorder at hand. As soon as an idea for your next blog post pop’s into your head: “Record it!”. By recording your idea’s, every time, you’ve always close to having new content! 

If nothing else works – go away!
Last but not least; Go Away! Its the most time-consuming method, but its also the most effective way of making sure you’re mind is open to generate new content. A friend I have always takes the train to get new ideas. He’s going for several days on a train ride. Its not because he needs to go somewhere, its just that the actual process of travelling generates ideas. If you can’t afford a long ride, then take a short ride – to take a ride is better than sitting stuck in your old habits.

So if you’re stuck with content idea’s – why don’t you take a ride?