Auto Dealership Package

This package is an add-on to the Leadsius platform that allows dealerships to close the loop between sales, service & marketing.

Components of this package


Automated Test Drive Module

Efficiently capture all test drive requests & agreements

Notify staff to act on opportunities while they're hot

Collect valuable data on models of interest for future segmentation

Automatically add new prospects to your marketing database

Trigger automated follow-up emails to nurture your new leads

Service & Sales Requests

Fully customized landing pages and forms to facilitate requests

Internal notifications to ensure timely follow-up

Automatically capture interest and create new contacts in your database

Triggered emails to confirm request and layer in desired next-steps

Deliver a more premium look & feel to your clientele


New Sales Marketing Module

Ensure all new sales are added to marketing database

Cross reference existing database & pre-populate existing fields

Update client information on-the-fly before submitting

Nurture beyond the point of sale with automated thank you emails

Notify management or key figures of new sales in real-time

Internal Service Center Module

Capture all service center clients and add to your marketing database

Store valuable lead data such as make, model and more

Trigger scheduled service reminder emails to drive repeat business

Automated and personalized thank you emails

Branded feedback pages with internal notifications for timely follow-up



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