Desmo Center & EB Auto

Company Profile

Industry: Automotive (Dealership/Service Center)

Number of Employees: 10-15

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Focus: B2C


As of 2015, Desmo Center has been known as Sweden’s #1 reseller of Ducati motorcycles. In addition to leading the Nordics in sales & service of Ducati motorcycles, Desmo’s sister company, EB Auto, caters to the servicing of high-end supercars from renowned brands Ferrari, Porsche, Maserati & Lamborghini.

Ahead of the Competition

Desmo Center Technical Event

The driving factor behind their rise to becoming Sweden’s #1 dealership within their niche has been their focus on delivering a premium level of service and personal attention to each and every client.


By adopting Leadsius as well as our custom dealership module, Desmo Center has continued it’s tradition of breaking new ground in Sweden by being the first dealership to approach it’s marketing & communications in such a way.

After Implementing Leadsius


Getting to know their leads

The first step in implementing Leadsius is getting your tracking script running across your website. In this case, Desmo & EB have two separate accounts, one for each business.


Once the tracking script has been installed, Desmo & EB are able to capture information on what their leads are doing across their website as well as how their leads are engaging with their marketing. This is made possible thanks to Leadsius’ native website tracking capabilities.

Newsletters & Campaigns

Utilizing the basic core functionality of Leadsius, Desmo Center & EB Auto are now able to launch beautifully branded and mobile responsive newsletters & campaigns towards their audience.


In using Leadsius for email, dealerships are able to:


    • channel the look and feel of their brand in a professional way



    • optimize emails to show more or less content when viewed on mobile


    • utilize CTA buttons that expand on-screen to drive-up conversion rates


    • quickly re-use the best email designs and easily drop new content in place

Internal Sales Forms

For a dealership, closing the loop between new sales and marketing can be a pain. Rather than using spreadsheets or constantly feeling like you’re shoveling while it’s snowing, sales staff can now simply enter new sales into this sales form from their phone or the computer or iPad in your showroom.


This sales form allows you to:


    • cross reference your marketing database to see if client already exists


    • capture critical data such as model being purchased, date, time & more


    • trigger personalized thank you emails that include special offers, etc


    • begin to segment your database for future sharpened communication

Service Center Marketing Module

As with all service centers, it can be quite a challenge to keep track of walk-ins, known clients and the likes. Thanks to our newly designed service center module, all clientele are captured and stored in the marketing database to be included in future communications.


With this module, dealerships are able to:


    • capture all requests for service & trigger notifications to staff


    • ensure all walk-in’s are fuzed into your marketing database


    • trigger personalized thank you emails incl. ability to leave feedback


    • notify staff immediately if someone leaves positive or negative feedback


    • schedule service reminders to ensure repeat business months ahead



Automated Test Drive Module

Arguably the biggest draw to closing new sales is the ability to generate test drives. Ditch signed forms and piles of paperwork being logged into spreadsheets for effective web forms and custom designed landing pages that automate the manual labor.


Not only does this save you time, but it significantly boosts your appearance at events and the likes when you’re able to accept test drives via an iPhone, iPad or laptop.


With these test drives forms, you’re able to:


    • have your staff act upon test drive requests while they’re still hot


    • know which models your leads are interested in prior to test driving


    • store all information on models of interest for future marketing


    • receive agreement to legal terms surrounding your test drives

The Results


51% average unique open rate on all newsletters & campaigns


56% growth in new leads generated during first 12 months


Able to capture 100% of leads via test drives, service center, new sales & all online requests


Moving forward with a system like this has been a learning process, but we're now able to proudly say we're the first dealership in Sweden who goes about business in this way. At the end of the day, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients and using Leadsius fits right into this philosophy for us.
Adi Ravid, Owner, Desmo Center

Adi Ravid, CEO, Desmo Center & EB Auto


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