Dustin upgrades Marketing with Automation from Leadsius

21 Nov Dustin upgrades Marketing with Automation from Leadsius

Dustin chooses Marketing Automation from LeadsiusDustin is Swedens leading e-commerce company within IT and they are now growing their business to include solutions and service management. To success in this area they have decided to invest in a Marketing Automation platform from Leadsius. 

Dustin has a history in being successful and early adopters in the field of marketing for several years. Now, with a focus on Content Marketing and Marketing Automation Dustin has a solid ground for success within their marketing of services and solutions.

- “Dustin has historically been very successful in their marketing, but as our business has grown to include more services and solutions we realized that it was necessary to develop our marketing process. Therefore we turned to Leadsius to get started with Marketing Automation and the set up of a Content Marketing Strategy,” says Anders Jonsson, Marketing Planner at Dustin.

The contract between Leadsius and Dustin includes a Marketing Automation platform, content strategy and implementing of the system. The contract runs from November 2012 until June 2013. 

- ”We are extremely proud and happy that Dustin has chosen to work with us. They are competent, have high standards and is also open to the possibilities with Marketing Automation, a perfect customer for us, “says Magnus Sandman, senior consultant at Leadsius.

Leadsius is a Swedish company at the end of November 2012 launches next-generation marketing automation platform where service is offered free of charge. No restrictions or hidden fees, rather than adding users to the more advanced features as needs arise.

Want to know more about Leadsius contact:
Stefan Krafft, Marketing at 0709-707 382 or stefan.krafft@leadsius.com