Future Marketers – Growth Hackers or Customer Heroes?

01 Sep Future Marketers – Growth Hackers or Customer Heroes?

Growth Hacker or Customer Hero? What will be the one most important mission to accomplish for the future Marketer?

Is it even possible to argue that there will be one single task superior all others? I guess not, but there is obvious some skills will be more important than others. And it is up to you to make the choices along the way to where you want to be and how to define your future work.

What type of Marketer do you want to be?

As the field of Marketing is in constant change, Marketers has certainly the ability to adapt new trends to improve our work. The entrance of marketing technology is no exception and as the web is where it all happens, technology has become a very important part of our jobs. There is a big need to understand what it is all about, but does it mean we all need to learn code and manage several IT-platforms? Is our future success depending on how well we can set up technology to work for us? I think so, but I am not sure it means that we should define ourselves as Growth Hackers in the sense of more technical skilled persons, who actually can do a lot of coding. Or is it better to define our job as Digital Marketers? Of course, the title itself isn’t that important, but how we learn to take advantage of the marketing technology available is. And it might be a good idea for every Marketer to decide on where you’re aiming.

Are you concentrating on processes or your customers?

One of my favorite companies, Buffer has invented a whole new title, Happiness Heroes. The people working in that team has one very clear role – make people happy. With the product and with the company and not only, as you might think, for existing paying customers. No, they serve everyone in their growing audience because they know they are the ones helping them grow. I like it and it is a very successful story. Buffer serve millions of users and are constantly growing. What can we learn from it? One thing is that how you define what kind of Marketer you are, definitely has a huge impact on how you act in your daily work.

Modern Marketing Technology is a must to be able to improve customer experience!

The ultimate goal as a Marketer is to make people feel good about your brand, to connect emotionally with your brands dream. Without an audience wanting you to succeed, you will end up doing a lot of noise without any lasting effect. People do need to they have something in common with what your company want to accomplish. Marketers are the ones to make our customers life better in every sense. From the very first touch on to a loyall and pleased “brand-hero”.

Technology has only one functionality in Marketing! Making it work.

Once upon a time we had Marketing Communication, now we have more like Communication Marketing. Those words was spoken by one of the biggest names in PR and advertising, Richard Edelman. This statement made me realize that our job as Marketers really has changed, from broadcasting marketing messages to as many as possible, to become a much more complex process where communication always comes first. That means communicating meaningfully before selling, it means sharing useful and entertaining information who leads to a meaningful and valuable conversation for each individual.

You have to have reliable data!

That is why we need technology. The whole purpose of using modern marketing technology is to use the outcome (data), to be more relevant and more personal. The data must support our overall objective – help us communicate in a meaningful way to attract, maintain and grow our audiences. When we do, they will buy. Not because you tell them to, because they want to.

“Helping your customers to buy is one thing, giving them an extraordinary experience doing it is the number one priority for the surviving in the future world of marketing”.

No matter which title you have or will have in the future, your ability to get the right technology to work for you as a Marketer will be crucial. Your communication marketing is depending on it! Embrace the marketing technology that enables your ability to communicate, communicate by listening first, add value by providing what they need to grow and your audience will help you reaching your goals.

I have chosen to call myself Growth Builder. I think that is the best and most appropriate description of my career goals, what kind of Marketer do you want to be?!

Happy Marketing!

/Stefan Krafft – Leadsius