Going LIVE with a brand new updated Marketing Automation Platform!

25 Feb Going LIVE with a brand new updated Marketing Automation Platform!

previewWe are live with our new version! 

It is indeed a day we all have been longing for, now we remove the beta-sign once and for all and set our goals to our next mission – become a trusted and loved solution for SMB Marketers who is looking for a powerful, easy-to-use and affordable platform to grow with. Our year in beta has been a lot of fun, lot of hard work and the lessons our + 1200 users has given us is the best gift ever.

+1 200 Marketers has showed us the way forward! 

 Every single interaction has helped us understand what SMB Marketers do need and as important, what they don´t need in a Marketing Automation solution. It is obvious that there is a “feature-race” going on among some Marketing Automation providers which has lead to a situation where those platforms are so complex and expensive that many Marketers impossibly could start using them. We´re not going there, not at all. We are determined to build a platform that is easy to use, affordable and build a strong base of the core features SMB Marketers do need.

Sometimes it is tempting to get lost in ideas on new awesome features instead of focusing on true needs from all the Marketers we want to serve, thanks for holding us back and on track. It is an act of balancing between what is needed now and what might be the next step in our evolution, keep on giving us your ideas and feedback on what we deliver today and what you want us to create in the future, you are building our road map forward. Let us here from you! 

Let me tell you a little bit about what we have done in this BIG update: 

  • Individual tracking improved. Now Leadsius keep track on every single action on web pages, e-mails, newsletter and web forms. All collected in your leads-database from where you build your trigger based nurturing programs. 
  • Brand new sparkling design and improved user interface. Now it is even easier and more joyful to create and execute your outstanding marketing with help from us. 
  • Infrastructure. We have done some major changes to speed up things for you and built in power to scale more users and more data transactions, you will notice a big improvements. 
  • New packaging! We still offer a totally free version and we are now the only Marketing Automation provider in the world doing that. For us it is an elemental offer and we are determined to give Marketers the ability to run inbound marketing campaigns without any initial costs what so ever. Read more about our pricing! 

That´s it for now, would love to hear what you think of our new platform – haven´t signed up for a account yet, do it right now! 

Thanks for your support, thanks to all encouraging feedback and thank you all who have helped us come this far – the journey has just begun. Sit tight and enjoy the ride. 


/Your friends at Leadsius