Growth & Retention

This package is for on-boarding flows and activating others within the same organization, cross selling and developing look-alike models to re-activate

How Growth & Retention package works


Step 1: Analyze & Define Strategy

  • Aanalyze existing clients & define segments for up-sell & cross-sell
  • Develop on-boarding & up-sell flow for one key segment of clients
  • Develop cross-selling nurture program & advertising scheme
  • Develop messaging, tone & approach based upon clientele personas
  • Define look-alike model either based upon most recently acquired clients
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Step 2: Configure & Build

  • Configure account & import database (custom fields, etc)
  • Build necessary email templates, landing page templates, workflows, web forms, etc.
  • Create advertising materials and all other necessary imagery.
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Step 3: Launch & Report

  • Activate on-boarding flow
  • Schedule & activate cross-selling flow + advertising
  • Begin monthly reporting and analysis


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