How Marketing Automation works for SMB – SME Marketers

16 Mar How Marketing Automation works for SMB – SME Marketers

Marketing Automation - Step by step

Marketing Automation – Step by step

In a Techaisle report, a global SME – SMB & Channel ICT Market Research Analyst firm, it comes clear that Marketing Automation is not only for the big guys. Small and medium sized businesses are adopting the technology and the trend is clear, benefits from Marketing Automation is highly prioritized for SMB – SME companies all around the globe. (Read the full article here!) The question is, how should small and medium sized businesses use Marketing Automation and most important, what will the outcome be?  Marketers are ready to use this new technology to grow their businesses step by step…

SMB – SME Marketers are “doers” not “planners”

There is no chance for Marketers working in small and medium sized businesses to start big implementation projects that takes a lot of time and costs a huge amount of money. And even if we could I’m sure we would not, its not the way we do things, we are used to make things happen by acting, not planning how it should be done. Right?

Marketers working in SMB – SME can not “pause” work, go to a nice conference center with some consultants to sort things out, not a chance. Even more important, our businesses and customers does not allow us to make one big “make over” all at the same time. It will not happen! So what should we do then? Stand aside and watch things happen or do it our own way? Of course we are going to take the chance to see our businesses grow using Marketing Automation, we just need to do it our way, step by step and one step at the time. It´s not more complicated than that. Read more about what Marketing Automation for SMB – SME Marketers here!

We learn by doing and make progress that we benefit from in the next step of the process. In fact this “lean” way of working is so much better than one huge project that should give us all the answers at one time. Marketers in SMB – SME companies need to do it differently and that is for sure a good thing.

Marketing Automation – Step by step!

That´s how we do it and we see change as something natural and positive that makes us and our companies evolve. Doing is more important than planning and that sets you in a position where you are able to adjust your work when necessary when the reality changes and it always does. In a world where the internet is the playground for both your customers and your competitors it is absolutely crucial to see your marketing as a process that is evolving over time. In this new reality for marketing where technology has become marketers best friend it is a great asset to be able to start off small and gradually build up your marketing process.

Have you ever found yourself asking these questions? Or have you done some of these statements? We have. It´s time to consider your answers once again:

1) How do I know which Marketing Automation platform fits my needs now and over time
You need to define what is most important for your business. Is it to increase your conversion rate on your online shop or qualify leads to your sales team? Depending on your answer, search for the vendor that solves issues in a way that seems to fit you and look upon the opportunities to scale your marketing in the same platform.

2) Not now, maybe in the future
You might have good reasons wait, but in most cases its better to get started to see what it is all about and how it can make wonders for your business. Therefore we always suggest that it is better to start now and learn during the process. Do one thing that you already has planned to do and take it from there.

3) I don’t have all the content that is needed to coach my customers in their buying journey
This is many times the truth, but most companies have enough content to make a campaign. One campaign is everything you need to start your Marketing Automation platform. Meanwhile you can start thinking about how your next piece of content that addresses your audiences challenges is going to stand out. Just do it!

4) I don’t have any money at all for doing this investment right now 
Well, you might know there is a chance to get started with Marketing Automation without paying any money at all? Well, this is the truth, so start today and during your work find out how your business can benefit from Marketing Automation. Why wait?

5) How can I have my CEO and Sales Manager to buy in on this 
First off all, you need to talk the only language they both understand – money. Start talking about how your marketing can improve revenue and make your company more profitable by using this new technology. Do your research and get down to it, they are going to listen.

6) We are not in a position to make big “Change Management” projects
You have to change your approach to this question. Don´t think of it like a huge “system-project” that is gonna suck the blood out of you for months ahead. It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. See the chance to start off with an easy to use platform and take it from there.

7) Our competitors have not started working with Marketing Automation so why should we
The answer is obvious; because you are smarter than them and therefore you have come to realize that Marketing Automation is an area within digital marketing that you really need to evaluate. 

8) We are too small to even think of Content Marketing and Marketing Automation
That might be the biggest lie ever! Marketing Automation has a lot to do to with being effective in your marketing. You are going to save time by using this technology. What you need to think over is how much efforts you want to put into it from the start. The balance between keep on doing your work and improving your work by using new technology is a decision only you can take. No one else.

9) We have have a CRM system and we do have a CMS platform and it´s enough
If you suffer from a traumatic big IT-project that recently stressed you out it might be a good idea to take a little break. Even though there is Marketing Automation platforms that has a fresh approach and think differently on how marketers want to work, we have to admit that this area is also about technology and sometimes you have to think of other things that you love by being a marketer. When you have done that, get back and start to think about Marketing Automation as the lifeline between your web presence and your customers relations with your company. Then get started, step by step in the pace that works out for you!

Tell me, as a marketer and with a straight forward attitude to marketing. Is this making sense? If so, I hope you are going to start investigate how Marketing Automation can grow your business the way you want.

Happy Marketing!