How modern Marketing Technology Challenges your Creativity!

06 May How modern Marketing Technology Challenges your Creativity!

Modern Marketing Technology sets you in position to be as creative and smart as you always wanted to be…

Marketing technology

Marketing has always been and will always be about creating outstanding ideas! If you thought creativity only was for big Advertising Agencies making expensive TV-spots you are definitely wrong. It is in fact more important than ever to stand out and connect to your audience with creative and remarkable ideas – in every interaction you possible can achieve, your ”marketing-voice” needs to hit the sweet-spot of emotions to trigger action. Think your job as a B2B Marketer is more about processes and planning you better think again. You see, great ideas put into a well executed plan is what you are aiming for and modern technology will actually help you make it happen…

Every now and then (often every 5 year or so!?), major breakthroughs are made that has a huge impact to all Marketers – Marketing Automation is, without no doubt, one of those. It has given Marketers the chance to regain their creative skills and pull them off in a much more efficient and sophisticated way.


Automation is what you get – personalization is what you want to achieve!

Not for its possibility to make your marketing much more efficient, it is for sure an important factor and a good reason to invest in the technology. The BIG thing we seem to forget with Marketing Automation technology, is that you now have the chance to converse with individuals based on their ”digital footprints”. That means everything, if you’re up to the challenge of combining your creativity with thought out planning, it is a “killer” when you find out how to make it work for you. To be able to gain as much value as possible out of your Marketing Automation solution you will need them both. Planning is crucial when it comes to setting up your marketing programs, and good ideas on content (because that´s what is all about) is a must need. Otherwise you will automate… just stuff. No good.

For everyone who has tried to write a powerful, snappy and functional e-mail copy knows exactly what I mean! There might be one of the most frustrating tasks to take on as a marketer if you ask me, agree? One of the biggest problems with it is that you are writing that copy for a target group you know very little about, at least the most of these people you are trying to convince to take action from what you have written. What I am getting to is the fact that most of us is writing lame and not working copy, just because the lack of knowledge of whom you’re actually addressing, what their needs are, what kind of content they prefer, if they are in or out of a buying process and further on… The list continues, but I stop here this time. This makes marketers lame and boring and of target and it is a huge part of the frustration of not being able to communicate to different persons based on their actual business- and personal situation.

Lead your conversations into action

Marketing automation gives you the chance to adapt your communication on people’s behavior which means you are in charge of the conversation, lead it, listen and learn about your audiences different needs and dreams. It is a new direction of your work and how you work, but in the end it is the only way the stay relevant and attractive to all individuals in your audience. That is creative modern marketing and that is where you are heading. This new technology is without no doubt a new best “buddy”, and it has all you need to once again leave lame mainstream marketing and move on further to one-to-one communication. With the right tool, the curiosity that is needed to move on and become a smarter marketer, this is the chance you have been waiting for. To sum it up for you quick and easy;

  • The Automation part is important, but only if you learn from your audience what they want from you. If not, you will end up building a lot of programs without enough value to make your audience attached to your brand.
  • Creativity means personalization in the world of Marketing Automation. Your skills to create individual connections are depending on your ability to add value to a conversation that takes your leads closer to a purchase. To make it happen means a lot of hard work testing different copy, different content and constantly listen and analyze the outcome.
  • Marketing Automation also challenge your creativity when it comes to building your nurturing programs. This is definitely not a simple process and neither there is any absolute truth to guide you. The only reality to rely on is the simple rule of trying different ways and constantly improve every single part of it, from copy to call-to-action and more…

Happy creative Marketing!
/Stefan Krafft - Leadsius