How to convert leads from inbound marketing

08 Apr How to convert leads from inbound marketing

Convert leads from inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the big thing when you want to convert web visitors to leads, that is what you’ve heard? But how do really get going to convert leads from inbound marketing?

You can do it very complex or, as we at Leadsius prefer, make it simple and start doing stuff.

So how do you start your inbound marketing journey?

  • How will it convert to leads?
  • How will the leads convert to business opportunities?
  • How do you make sure that the business opportunities are handled by your sales force?
  • How will your inbound marketing close deals for your business?

First of all you need to have something everybody wants; information, or content if we should use the cool buzz word that’s on everyone’s lips these days…

Getting started with Inbound Marketing and lead conversion

Content that “everybody wants” is something people think is so valuable in their decision path that they are willing to give up their email address and perhaps even more personal information to get hold of. The first obstacle you will run into is: “Are we in possession of such valuable piece of content that our prospects are willing to give up their email addresses?” If you don’t have it today, think like this; Forget about the glossy brochures you have stored in the closet somewhere or hiding as a pdf in some dusty folder within your computer’s file system. What you need is stuff that help your potential buyer to buy.

Compelling Content is a must have 

You need to be informative, educating and do it in an interesting way – Edutainment! Why not write a guide on how to take advantage of a specific new trend that is connected to your core business and offerings? Or get your techies to write a blog post about what’s on their table for development right now? And for those that wants to dig in deep have a White Paper for download. Of course you let them fill in a form before they can get this premium content.

I strongly suggest you to focus on one or two really great lead generating magnets that will do the first conversion from anonymous visitors to people you can email. By following our guidelines you’ve got a great start that shouldn’t be too difficult to follow up with more content. Of course you and your colleagues knows stuff, don’t you?

After you’ve produced the two great pieces of premium content you’re “Ready to Rock” and start convert leads from inbound marketing. I will walk you through a few steps and give you some hints on what to think of. If you’re more like my teammate Stefan, who wants to see it and not only read it, we’ve done an Infographic on “How to convert leads from inbound marketing.” Isn’t that great! 


To be able to start
Create Premium Content, as mentioned above.

First step – Visitors
Attract traffic to your website from search engines, social media and blogs.
Hint – it’s important that your content not only are interesting when you read it. It should also be a magnet for search engines. So make sure your content is optimized in terms of how Search Engines read your pages to get relevant traffic to your site. If it’s really good content people will also start to talking about it in social media so make it easy to share and encourage them to do so.

Second step – Leads
Convert visitors to leads by offering valuable content for download on your website.
Hint – Build a great landing page where you put your content. The Landing page could be in your regular content management system, like WordPress, or a in a special tool created for this purpose, like Leadsius. Important is that you only have ONE Call To Action which is to fill in the form to be able to download your content.

Third step – Customers
Convert leads to sales by sending relevant content that builds trust with a prospect until they are ready to buy.
Hint – This is what’s called “Lead Nurturing” and is also one of the things you can create with great complexity. Don’t start with this but if you’ve already created secondary content you do the following:

  1. After download – send a thank you mail
  2. After one week send your next piece of content, if no response send it again a couple of days later. 
  3. The third week you send out a more solution oriented email, something that describes your way of solving the problem to capture this new opportunity. Make them see what you can do.

This is a start. Track all the behaviour of your audience; in email, downloads and web visits so you will be able to qualify who’s doing what and who you or your sales guys should contact. When people talk to you about lead scoring in this stage of your evolution – stay relaxed, do it as a 1:1 relation, meaning 1 activity equals 1 point. Keep it simple.

Now you can start your own setup for inbound marketing to convert visitors to leads and customers. But you need one thing more. A system that supports your inbound marketing process. If you not already have what’s called Marketing Automation in place you now have the opportunity to get one, for free.

At Leadsius we think that the best things in life are free so we have created a Marketing Automation tool that is free to use. You only need to signup and after that you could do all the things described in this blog post. While doing the signup procedure and when you put your inbound marketing program together why don’t you use another free service from Sweden, Spotify, and listen to Luther Vandross signing together with Janet Jackson “Best things in life are free” from the movie Mo’ Money.


Happy Inbound Marketing
Magnus Sandman
VP Professional Services