How to humanize your marketing automation

16 Mar How To Humanize Your Marketing Automation

One of the concerns some people may have with the adoption of marketing automation is that they’re afraid to lose that oh-so-human touch when reaching out to the people interacting with their business. While this concern is a healthy one, the truth is that marketing automation is only as human as we humans allow it to be (meaning you don’t have to sound like an NSA-built automated robot if you don’t want to!)

Marketing automation is a powerful tool that allows SMB’s and enterprise organizations alike to better understand the people they’re interacting with and deliver a more one-to-one communication with them. What’s more, it also allows us to craft highly relevant content and deliver this content according to the expectations of our audience segments. This coupled with an inbound strategy actually have the opposite effect of a robotic-like automation system; it has the effect of creating marketing that is actually relevant to people versus interruptive.

To help clear the air and help you breathe some life into your marketing, we’ve crafted the following 5 tips:

Slow and Steady wins the race


When it comes to increasing leads and building your database, think of Disney’s adaptation of The Tortoise and the Hare; a story of a slow tortoise that stays the course and ends up beating the faster Hare in the long-run.

Getting started with a marketing automation platform isn’t going to revolutionize your lead generation over night; you have to put effort into it just as you would anything else. The payout comes once you’ve taken the time to understand building your lead conversion flows, taking people from prospect all the way to happy client through use of visually enhancing emails, simplistic landing pages with powerful web forms and the likes.

Your best bet when adopting a platform is to pick 1-3 areas or processes you’d like to enhance. Once you’ve fully conceptualized the improvements, built the components and implemented it all then you’ll be standing on solid ground and able to think creatively moving forward to enhance interactions between your business and your leads.


Micro Act


When it comes to creating buyer personas and defining your segments, start with a piece-by-piece approach. Take 1-2 personas and focus on the most important stages of your sales funnel when it comes to defining your segments.

How does this select persona engage with your business? What kinds of things trigger them to act? Focus on your most prominent persona in the beginning and from here you’ll know how to flesh out the rest when it comes to your other personas.

This advice goes hand-in-hand with the aforementioned; break things down into pieces and make sure you’re trying to enhance your leads experience when interacting with your business.

Before you know it, a few months will have gone by and you’ll have a decent amount of processes built up. From here you can easily replicate the processes and tweak them to correspond to your other buyer personas!

Micro acting is a great way to ensure you’re delivering relevance and coming off as human as possible. Why?… Because you’re taking the time to focus on things piece-by-piece, not in one large grouping or overall perspective.

It’s a sure-fire way to keep it real with your audience and it’s going to help you down the line when you begin building more complex workflows and processes that utilize the power of marketing automation.


Keep it light


Have you ever been to a website and when clicking “download” or after purchasing a product, you were presented with a thank you message or some kind of notification that made you smile?

Well that’s what we’re getting at when we say your marketing automation will be as human as you allow it be.

In other words, you don’t always have to sound so “future business leader of the universe” when it comes to thanking someone for joining your newsletter, downloading your ebook or even just sending out a given newsletter email or campaign launch.

Here are two great examples of fusing humor into the little things that can often times seem so bland:

  1. Blueegg’s Goat scream 404 error page

    Goat Screaming 404 message

  2. PiktoChart‘s holiday email campaign drive (one of my favorite recent examples of making it human-to-human)A clever holiday email by Pictochart

So next time you have the chance to craft your “thanks for subscribing” message or even your 404 error messages (as illustrated above), try fusing some personality into it and just use the kind of language you would use with your colleagues.

Little things like this can go a long way for boosting brand loyalty and simply letting people know that there actually are humans running this business after all.


Sharing is caring


Some of the most common marketing automation fails stem from the lack of communication between teams of people within an organization.

This may sound ironic considering that most in the marketing automation industry are adamant when it comes to boasting their ability to bring sales and marketing teams closer together. While marketing automation does indeed bring these teams closer, when it comes to employing strategies powered by marketing automation that’s where it’s key to build these things together.

Lets take us, Leadsius, as an example:

Here at Leadsius we have staff sitting in South America, North America as well as Northern Europe.

Whenever we come up with marketing goals, ideas for new processes fueled by marketing automation and other initiatives, we make sure we’re sharing them with our team members across the board this way sales and marketing are aware of what’s happening before the point of first contact as well as after.

In doing so, we’re putting solid effort into minimizing the kind of redundancies and mistakes that come as a result of miscommunication; the kind of mishaps that give leads and clients alike the feeling that we don’t know what we’re doing.

So regardless of the size of your organization, get in a habit of sharing your plans, initiatives and the likes; doing this will only lend to helping you as you set to scale.


Always nurturing your leads


The overall purpose and reason why businesses are adopting marketing automation systems is to initiate and maintain valuable relationships with the people interested in what their business has to offer.

With a marketing automation platform you’re now able to integrate and work from one platform, giving you more time and space to concentrate on boosting the quality of the interactions you’re having with your audience without the noise of multiple tools and distractions.

Whichever platform you decide to go with, keep in mind that it’s not just about emails and the likes; it’s also about making your web content smarter and going at your marketing from the angle of listening and educating versus simply telling.

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