How to Succeed with Paid Advertising by Mona Elesseily

02 May How to Succeed with Paid Advertising by Mona Elesseily

MonaElesseilyIn our third podcast of the serie “Ask The Expert” Industry Expert Mona Elesseily answer’s questions on how to succeed with Paid Advertising. The focus is on Google Adwords that is the most common used platform to advertise online.

Question: Why should you do Paid advertising, isn’t Internet supposed to be free?

Answer: The main reason is that Google is promoting its paid Search Results more and more on the Search Result pages. This means that even if you are listed as #1 on the non paid  Search Results, the visibility of your pages can still be less than those that are paying to become listed. If you’d like your products to be listed in Google Search Results there’s no option, Google now requires Merchants to pay.

Question: When you set up your Google Adwords account, what should your first priorities be?

Answer: Google has set up a lot of default settings for first time users of Adwords. Those default settings are not always in the Advertiser’s favour. You should carefully review each setting in Adwords  to make sure the settings are those that benefits you as an Advertiser perfectly.

Question: As a Business-to-Business marketer, how should I use Google Adwords?

Answer: Focus on Product related keywords, don’t try to be too broad. Make sure you’re listed when specific phrases related to your products or services are searched for and start converting those Searches to leads. 

Question: Should I try to adopt my messaging in Adwords depending on where my customer are in their buying cycle?

Answer: Yes, there are great examples from companies that focus on different messaging. For example, at an early stage for the buyer’s purchase cycle the message could be focused on Comparison Charts between your products from the competitors.  

These we’re a few of the Questions & Answer’s in our interview with Mona.

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