Introducing the new Web Form builder

22 Jan Introducing Upgraded Web Forms

For a long time, web forms have been one of the most sought-after product improvements from our users. With this latest release we’ve improved web forms – the “gateway” to grabbing the information you want from your leads.

*For all current Leadsius users:

For more on how to migrate your old web forms to the new web form builder.
For more on working with our new web form builder, click here.

Here are the improvements and more on what’s being released:


  • Bug fixes
  • Improved user interface
    • Better design
  • Improved Fields section

 What’s up next?

  • Self-created web form themes
  • New Email editor
  • New web report

Bug fixes – released

In this release, we got rid of some painful bugs in the system. You will no longer have troubles creating long web forms and editing your web forms.

Improved user interface – released

The new user interface is cleaner, enabling a better user experience. Simply put, it is now easier to create web forms.

A screen shot of the leadsius web form builder

  • Order of fields has been updated, providing a more logical flow of web form creation.
  • Design field moved up in rank to the main category level, together with Fields, Settings, and Sharing.
  • The Responses field has been moved from the main category level (Fields, Settings…) to the web form table (Publish > Web form).
  • A Delete button has been added to make it easier to delete fields.
  • Icons have been updated to contribute to a better, more intuitive interface.

Better design – released

A number of improvements have been implemented to streamline the process of designing web forms and provide you with a better all-around experience.

  • The size of fields and texts has been updated.
  • Four standard design themes have been launched – Naked, Box, Color white, Color grey. Simple to setup and use. No HTML knowledge needed, unless of course you want to use your or another’s design code skills.
  • The four new themes replace some of the design features that existed in the previous version, for example Form border, Header color, Font color, etc.

new web form design themes

Improved Fields section – released

Improved functions

The titles of several Fields have been updated and are now more logical and easier to understand.

A few improvements have been made to help keep your database clean with correct data:

  • Validation of Fields has also been added as an option. It is now possible to make sure users don’t enter text under a numerical field.
  • You are able to display a self-created error message for users who don’t fill out all required fields. Description option has been added, enabling you to explain to users what the field is about.

New fields

A couple of new fields have been released in the Fields section:

  • Title (of you web form)
  • Body (short description for your web form)

Create own themes – coming soon

In the next version, due for release in Q2, 2015, users will be able to create own themes for their web forms, in addition to the four custom themes – Naked, Box, Color white, Color grey.

In the newly released version, you can create own design with custom CSS and Custom Javascript for each web form.

For more on working with our new web form builder, click here.

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