Is Marketing Strategy really like Warfare?

13 Sep Is Marketing Strategy really like Warfare?


 Marketing is often compared to Warfare – is that really what it is all about?

Of course not! Why is it then often described like that? There has been a lot of books written on the theme and we can still, quite often read articles and blog posts that more or less has that as a starting point. The underlying tone is from time to time how Marketers can “trick” customers to buy and how strategies against competitors should be done in this “marketing warfare”. That is just so wrong. People are so much smarter than that.

Warfare – it is an obsolete way to think about what marketing is. It´s not a war where lies and betrays are a tactics and attacking competitors is a strategy, if Marketers hold on too tight to this metaphor things will go wrong. It always do on a battlefield.

No, this “mindset” has to be buried once for all! If this is the starting point, products and services will be dressed with “bad marketing”, screaming out irrelevant and exaggerated messages. No good at all. That´s what we see every single day on TV (or web, outdoor,print etc.)  when some new shampoo (e.g.) is promoted. That´s “battlefield”-thinking and everyone knows it is lies and we all hate these commercials. We are bombarded with these messages 24/7 and the companies behind them are actually battling against each other and we are the one suffering.

People don´t want to be aimed at and shot down – humans want to be a part of movements that makes us feel better about ourselves and our lives. The exact opposite to war!

What if these companies changed their view of their Marketing strategies? What if they stopped attacking each other with meaningless “warfare ads” and instead concentrated on telling and living a story that people really do care about? What if they started to care about their customers instead of shooting down their “enemies”  on a battlefield called “the market”? That would be something, don´t you think?  

Betray and lies are NOT marketing!

And it´s not only these big multinational companies, no, almost every company out there is telling you that they are the best and that you should go with them, isn´t that truth? In every industry there are one or a couple of “leaders” that have it all – at least it might look that way. You can´t beat them in either marketing strength or in what they actually deliver in “numbers”. You can seduce your self to believe you can, but no one else will believe it anyway so swallow your pride and lets be honest. Luckily customers makes decisions based on a lot of other factors these days and your honesty and cause is much more important than you think.

So, if your marketing aims to be as good as the “big guns” in your industry you are loosing a lot of potential customers. The thing is that your company, your solutions or products can be a much better solution for customers than going with the flow and choose  the “safe” big vendors. Why? Because you understand your customers, you breath the same air as they do and you understand the value of building their business rather than selling a solution. Right?

You can still be the best!

So what do that mean? It means that you have to be better than the rest in one very important way –  show your truly interest and passion to help your customers grow their business! If you show that, in everything you do and communicate – you will win new customers over to you because of how you are and what you do. Show why you exist in your actions, these things are more important than any technical specification or a traditional comparison between you and other vendors in your industry. Over time, this is what makes the difference and to be able to do it you have to prove it – not only telling it. Winning trust is something that are deserved and being chosen is very much about showing in action what your intention is about.

 Marketing is not Warfare - Marketing is about creating a movement based on genuine commitment to be the one who cares about your customers success. To be able to do that relationships are everything – how make new ones and grow those you have is your job. Every single day.