Landing Pages

Highly effective web pages for boosting conversion rates

landing page easy integration web form

Automatic lead tracking

Each landing page created with Leadsius is hosted by us and synchs valuable data on your leads’ actions directly to your analytics

Seamless web form embedding

Embedding a web form is as simple as selecting which form you want to feature on your landing page directly from the toolbar

SEO toolbar

Add your meta title and other SEO tags to make sure that your landing page will be indexed with all of the largest search engine’s

Create love-able lead conversion paths

Inbound focused design from your marketing, to your offer, delivery & thank you

HTML editor

Create your own designs based off our templates or bring in your own html to use as a starting point for your landing pages

Conversion focused design

Increased conversions by embracing white space and removing menu’s that would otherwise allow your visitors to navigate away from your offers

landing pages structure

Start boosting conversions