Leadsius Dashboard upgrades

22 Jan Leadsius Dashboard Receives An Upgrade

Dashboard is the first thing you see once you’ve logged into Leadsius.; it’s the overview of all of your ongoing activities. The Dashboard is the first (and a very crucial) component of your marketing intelligence that you come in contact with each day and it’s for that reason that we’ve updated the Dashboard view.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Shortcuts to ‘get started’ and ‘create marketing programs’
  • Inbound dashboard
  • Updated Activity dashboard

Shortcuts to ‘get started’ and ‘create marketing programs’

This is your checklist for making sure that your account with Leadsius has been correctly set up and also acts as a shortcut to creating your marketing programs. In this area, a ‘red flag’ will show if you’ve missed any steps while setting up your account. Here you will also find quick links to creating your web forms, landing pages, emails etc. Naturally, all functions are still available in the left-hand menu if you prefer to go this way.

Inbound dashboard

The heart and soul of your inbound marketing. For the time period you select, the inbound dashboard provides a quick overview of:

  • Total number of unique visitors on your website or landing pages
  • Total number of unique web form submissions
  • Total conversion (# of unique web forms submissions / # of unique visitors)

This gives you a quick overview of your visitors and conversion rates during a specific time period. You can also drill down deeper into details within Leadsius by simply clicking on the banner.

A view of the Leadsius Inbound Dashboard

Updated Activity dashboard

This section provides you with deep insights into your contacts and their activities for the time period you’ve selected. First, you get a quick overview of the most important contact parameters. In this release we’ve also added the ability to drill down into details, e.g. details of new Contacts created during a selected time period, by simply clicking on the banner.

A view of the upgraded Leadsius dashboard

Finally, at the bottom of the page you will find information about your most active contacts and an overview of their latest activities.

We hope you enjoy the new Dashboard as much as we do!

For more info on how to get the best out of the new Dashboard, consult our Support portal.

If you have anything else on your mind, don’t hesitate to give us a shout.