Leadsius partners with London-based digital agency Leading Thought

21 May Leadsius partners with London-based digital agency Leading Thought


Leading Thought is a digital agency focusing on helping small- and medium sized businesses to accelerate their competitiveness by providing professional services, training and the tools they need to take advantage of the “digital arena” and grow.

The agency becomes the first Leadsius partner in the UK, which enables a solid growth of new customers. Leadsius already has 100+ of active customers in the UK, and through the partnership with Leading Thought, the expansion of Leadsius Marketing Automation amongst SMEs in UK has a great potential.

- For Leadsius it is strategically important to build up a stable and professional partner network and Leading Thought suits us perfectly. They share our passion for the SMB/SME space and have a “hands-on” approach which we appreciate. We are thrilled to start working with these guys, says Markus Lundin, CEO at Leadsius. 

- Our guiding principle is creative thinking and doing for SMEs. We’re delighted that Leadsius now adds a whole new level of marketing sophistication to our ‘ doing ‘ armory , says Chris Shaw, Partner & Strategist at Leading Thought. 

In 2014, Leadsius is aiming to increase the number of partners in across Europe, the Unites States, Canada and South America.

With over 1,800 marketers worldwide using Leadsius, these customers and its users form a good basis for new partners to start offering Leadisus Marketing Automation as a part of their product and service offerings.

For more information about Leadsius, contact Markus Lundin (CEO) at markus.lundin@leadsius.com

For more information about Leading Thought, contact Chris Shaw at chris.shaw@leadingthought.co