Loyalty Program Module

This service is built externally with a connection to Leadsius that offers auto-generated coupons & campaign shots, usage analytics & more.


Components of the platform


Dashboard Overview

Quickly monitor how your coupons are performing over time, which campaigns are generating the most results and much more all via a dashboard that’s easy on the eyes.

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Campaign Creator

Easily create and launch campaigns that tie-in with your Leadsius lists & contacts database. With a step-by-step approach, launching campaigns is a worry-free duty for marketeers of all skill levels.

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Campaigns Overview

Quickly get a birds eye view of when your campaigns start, finish and much more with the campaign overview area. With minimal design and an intuitive interface, multi-tasking in regards to campaigns becomes less of a headache and more (yes, we’re going to say it) fun!

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Auto-Generated Coupons

Regardless of the unique ways in which your business may want to issue coupons, the benefit of these coupons is that they’re auto-generated, meaning you just define a few key items, click and let the rest take care of itself.

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Campaign Analytics

Tracking engagement with your campaigns is important and so is being able to see the patterns when it comes to your audience redeeming the coupons you’ve sent them! Our loyalty platform makes this kind of reporting a breeze and makes sure you walk away with the most important metrics in mind.


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