Manifesto – say What?

05 Sep Manifesto – say What?

manifestoManifesto, that’s what we shall write, said my marketing friend and looked at me with his most visionary look. Manifesto, that’s the thing! Okey, I said, let’s do that, let’s write a Manifesto. What’s that? My marketing friend stared at me, you’re getting old man. You know, a Manifesto is key if you want to tell your audience why they even should consider buy anything from you! Audience? Audience, I mumbled, what about customers? Are they also getting old?

After hours talking about how to do Marketing like a Rockstar, values and reason to be, I felt a little bit more comfortable with the task. So we dug into it with great enthusiasm and the result is right here on our site. It’s about us and what we want to achieve, whom we doing it for and why.

This is why it matters for you too…

Why should anybody care?

I think that when you want to create something new, something that challenge old beliefs and calls for a change you actually need to address those people that will share your passion for this new thing. Or at least are open for new stuff when they see or hear about them. And that’s what a Manifesto is all about, to attract and find your customers, or “Audience” like my marketing friend keep calling them. 

A great Manifesto should also inspire your team to do extraordinary things at work, make them know why they are at the office or in front of their laptop 24/7 and who they are doing it for. But also you should be able to break down your Manifest to some hard core bullets. Hey, we old guys also need to understand what those glossy words means that makes so many around us see the light.

So here comes my bullet version of Leadsius Manifesto, what makes us tick and why we want you to be part of our dream.

  • Marketing is what differents products and services in today’s business where concepts can be copied and put on the market at light speed
  • Marketers are driven people who needs to be empowered with new tools to be even more creative in their work of creating business growth 

  • Today’s technology and open source communities enable marketers to get those tools at affordable cost

  • Leadsius want to make those new tools available for next generation marketers

For us this means that we have developed a Free Marketing Automation platform for every marketer around the globe to use, at no cost. When you’re ready to rise the bar, there will be more functions and add ons to let you grow.

But we can’t do this alone. We need your help to develop this dream of ours. To see a community of marketers that exchange ideas, willing to test new things, share their knowledge and help the community around Leadsius to do amazing marketing stuff.

My marketing friend tells me that this should end with the words “With Love” and in that I totally agree. No change can be forced on by threats, marketers can’t do anything to attract their audience (see, I’m learning) if it doesn’t means things are getting better, are real and from the heart.

Join the Love Train and get your Free Marketing Automation account right now.