Marketing Automation

Bring your digital marketing ecosystem to life with advanced behavioral-based automation

Marketing Automation email responses

Analytic Overview

Gauge how well your automated communications are performing by diving into analytics on these specific touch-points

Reduced workload

Free up time by letting your automations work for you; the less manual work the better

Sales Notifications

Keep sales in the loop by passing leads to them as soon as “sales qualified” actions are taken

Sales & Marketing Enablement

Unify your SMB while improving the intelligence and efficiency behind your marketing strategy

Behavior based triggers

Engage with your leads in real-time as they interact with your marketing across your website, landing pages, social media and email marketing

Advanced filters & rules

We offer a wide variety of workflows and triggers that cater to different stages throughout the buyer’s journey

Staggered delivery

Come off as a human, not a robot, by delaying your automated communications and sending on behalf of a person rather than a company

Workflow triggers and filters for marketing automation

Start automating your marketing