Marketing Dashboard

An interactive command center for digital marketers

inbound conversion rate

On-boarding progress bar

Track your progress as you learn the ropes of your brand new marketing automation platform

Inbound conversion rate

Keep an eye on your overall conversion rates without having to dig through your data

Visual KPI graphs

A dashboard that make use of color-blocking improves your ability to distinguish key performance indicators from one another in a way that’s easy on the eyes

Sales & Marketing Enablement

Stay in-touch with your hottest leads and no more missed opportunities

Most active leads

Stay up-to-date with the people who are interacting with your brand the most, all in real-time

Latest lead activity

A live-stream of the latest activities taking place across your website, email, web forms and landing pages

Date range & component filters

Isolate activity based upon a specific date range and/or your components such as email, web forms, landing pages or website activity

Latest lead activity

Start visualizing your marketing