Marketing is still all about building relationships!

05 Sep Marketing is still all about building relationships!

RelationshipNew ideas, new research and new technology has taken business to new improvements and new challenges through history and it´s an ongoing and faster evolution for every year. That has given us Marketers a greater and bigger possibilities to create and interact with our customers in a lot of different ways, but it is also quite stressful from time to time, don´t you think?

Sometimes (not that often) I just get fed up with all this new “stuff”. New research, new tools, new “truths”, new media, new strategies and new tactics all the same time! Sometimes I see it more like barriers for Marketers to get going and do good stuff than opportunities to make greater things happening, and  I don’t think I am alone on this one. It´s just overwhelming sometimes.

Marketing is still all about building relationships, it has always been…

Relationships is everything that counts – nothing else

There is hope, because when you realize what matters to get where you want to it becomes much easier to do things that counts in the long run – building relationships. That might be the only thing that never will change when it comes to accomplish excellent marketing – relationships. Everything you do as a Marketer comes down to that and the end of the day, no matter what you do and how you do it, if you are not building relations to customers and your audience you are doing the wrong things. Agree? You better do. It is obvious you know it, but you have to see it as your main goal with every single chance to interaction that your marketing gives you.

Marketing is not about how many people you can reach in a single campaign or how good your site is converting, these things are important only of one reason – it gives you a chance to create trustable and emotional relations. What your audience feel about your “companies voice” and your actions builds relations and you have to take care of every single chance to create those feelings for your company when the chance is given, otherwise everything single marketing activity is a just a huge waste of time.

That is scary stuff! Think it over once again, do you take advantage of all “touch-points” your marketing creates for you? If the answer to that questions is no, you definitely know what to do next.

Interaction is the new advertising!

Nowadays your work as a Marketer is more like an ongoing process where strategy, creativity, technology and execution is what makes you stand out and create business. That means that your daily work has to be more focused on “real-time” reality than writing a your “marketing masterplan”, it means that your work has to be more focused on finding and interact with “people” that are willing to share and be a part of your mission, then it is to write reports to top management. It means that you have to focus on find your brand voice and tone more than it is important to plan your next give away on a event.

It means that you have to show, in all your actions, that you are for real and that want to be apart of your customers success.  

Do yourself a favor, next time you sit down with a new marketing project, have in mind that relationship in the digital era is exactly the same thing as it always has been and maybe, just maybe your project/idea/campaign will turn out to be a whole new great way to build and create a stronger and more profitable relations. After all, we are just humans.


I hope that some of you feel some kind of relief, because marketing is not just a struggle to reach your goals in figures, it is much more than that. End of story.

Happy Marketing!