Micro Marketing – Marketing on customers demand

21 Nov Micro Marketing – Marketing on customers demand

Watch your customers
Are you watching your customers?

Its time to step down from the ladders of branding. Its time to meet your customers where they are, in the position they’re at and at the situation they’re facing. Its time to do Micro Marketing.

Micro Marketing is mega important for everyone. When your customers are ready to interact you better be ready to start building a relation. Agreed?

Micro Marketing is something every shop assistant do every day. Are shop assistants sales people or marketing people? Read on to understand the concept of Micro Marketing!  

What is Micro Marketing? Micro Marketing is targeted towards individual people; You, Me & the person sitting next to you on the plane from London to New York. The Micro Manager for a Hotel in New York have followed your individual path from the time you left your home this morning until you’re sitting on the plan that was delayed for two hours from Heathrow.

How does the Micro Marketer know all this? Its a combination of public knowledge; the airline’s information systems, and how you have updated your Trip-It application where you tell all your friends about your travelling. You have also allowed Trip-it to share your information with its partners like Hotels, Travel agencies etc.

The Micro Marketer don’t know for sure if you have booked a hotel or not. But because you’re late, the Micro Marketer, will offer you the following through your Smartphone;
- A free taxi voucher from the John F. Kennedy airport to the hotel the Micro Marketer works for
- A Queen Sized bedroom for the price of a single bedroom
- Breakfast included

Offer available right now!

Micro Marketers are constantly following its potential customers online. Through Social Networks, through activities they post online, through their thoughts they publish in blog’s or other article sharing facilities. Micro Marketers use automated systems to follow as many potential customers as possible.

Micro Marketers, as contrasted to Brand Marketers, know its customers name. They know what kind of clothe’s they like, what food they eat, how they prefer to travel. Micro Marketers know the product they are pushing, but they don’t focus on putting a new “tag-line” for it (i.e. spend hours/days/months on thinking on the two to five words they should repeat together with the brand), they’re simply pushing the product to each & every customer all the time.

Its time to change how Marketers work. Its time to go from planning into activities. Its time to meet me, you & the person sitting next to you with exactly the right offer that I need right now!