Meet the new Leadsius website

06 Oct Meet the new face of Leadsius

After 5 months of hard, but very exciting work, our brand new website is finally live!

When we sat down with our design team to develop the site map and aesthetic direction for this new site, we knew immediately that we wanted to go in the opposite direction of most of our competitors.

Just because marketing automation is a complex topic doesn’t mean we have to convey a noisy, clustered and otherwise displeasing experience when people are trying to acclimate themselves to our industry or software.

With clean lines and a Scandinavian-at-heart minimalist approach, we achieved what we feel is one of the most effortless, smooth and pleasant website experiences available within our market.

One of the highlights of our new site is our compare page, which you can see an image of below.

compare leadsius to other platforms


Our reason for featuring a compare page is that we want you as our audience to know that our goal is to help you find the best marketing automation solution for your business; this page helps you to size up what may or may not work for you if you were to go with Leadsius.

So whether you’re using email marketing (think MailChimp, etc), marketing automation (think HubSpot, etc) or simply browsing, we hope you enjoy our new website.

At the least, we hope you walk away understanding a little bit more than you did at first about marketing automation for SMB’s!


The Marketing & Design Team @ Leadsius