29 Mar New Release: Contact View & Bounce Updates

This month we’re pleased to announce an updated contact view, which sets the stage for other exciting releases! Here’s a look at what’s new and what’s to come:

1. Updated Contact View

Our new contact view has seen a few key changes. The first you’ll notice is that if your contacts have a registered gravatar, Leadsius will fetch this image and use it for your contact. If not, there will be an icon-like silhouette in place of the image.

What’s more, you’ll notice underneath the contacts picture that we now feature the contacts:

  • name
  • email
  • position
  • company
  • country
  • whether or not they’ve bounced and if yes, a brief description why
  • whether or not they’ve unsubscribed

Below this are two tabs, which you can click to see overview data as well as detailed contact information, or fields, on a given contact. As for the graphs and numbers on the right, we’ve rearranged them in a way that prioritizes what you want to see most.

The most exciting part about this update?…

…It’s setting the stage for our next version of the contact view, which will include a lead management module; something many of you have been requesting and we’re excited to be currently working on!

2. Enhanced Bounce Reporting

You now have three simple ways to view who’s bounced after a given campaign or marketing activity. Below we’ll go over each method.

A) Via the Contact Card

Quickly see whether or not a contact has bounced when looking at the individual contact card.

Bounced contact on card

B) Via creating a Bounce Filter on Manager > Contacts

Easily create a filter to see all bounced contacts within your database, allowing you to clean your database periodically to keep a healthy audience-base.

Bounce Filter Manager Contacts

C) Via Analytics by Email Program

Click on the number of bounces for a given email program (campaign) to view who bounced along with a brief description of why.

Bounced contacts from an email program

We hope you enjoy these new updates and we’re excited to know that they set the stage for our new leads management module, which is coming soon along with integrations to Zapier!


/ The Team @ Leadsius