How on-boarding works

Together with an expert from Leadsius, we’ll go through the following

Phase 1: Organizational On-boarding

1. Organizational On-boarding

During this phase we’ll begin to familiarize your staff with the different components that make Leadsius so versatile, get you up-to-speed on the lingo we use throughout the system and address any questions surrounding the way these components relate to one another.


We will also walk you through the following:


  • account configuration
  • importing of contact database
  • installation of tracking script & website verification
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2. Brainstorming & Building

Once the fundamentals are out of the way, we’ll start to discuss what key areas your organization should focus on optimizing.


As a standard for our premium on-boarding package, we will work with you to build the components necessary in order to implement:


  • 2 inbound lead conversion paths
  • 1 joint campaign launch


*All imagery required to build components will be provided by client

Phase 2: Brainstorming and Building
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Phase 3: Testing and Implementation

3. Testing & Implementation

Now that the pieces are in place, we’ll begin testing everything that we’vecreated together to ensure that we’re ready to launch.


Together with your assigned Leadsius rep, you’ll roll-out everything that’s been built and from this point your team will be fully equipped to recreate these processes moving forward.

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4. Follow-up & Tweaking

The best way to drive-up ROI and ensure that you’re getting the most out of your new marketing automation platform is to review and optimize.


After we’ve fully tested and implemented what we’ve built together, we’ll look to set up a meeting to review what’s working, what could be improved and offer sound advice on the best way to move forward.


Once we’ve made any necessary tweaks, your organization will be provided with prioritized support via our support portal for as long as you’re using Leadsius.

Phase 4: Follow-up and Tweaking

Starting at $1,500


*1 month

*This is an estimation based upon prior on-boarding packages and may be subject to shorter or longer time frames.