Over 1300 B2B Marketers from more than 50 countries cannot be wrong! SMB Marketing Automation is hot…

23 Jan Over 1300 B2B Marketers from more than 50 countries cannot be wrong! SMB Marketing Automation is hot…

- Now we proudly launching the Marketing Automation solution Marketers on SMB companies has been asking for, no more and definitely no less.


In December 2012 we launched the worlds first truly Free Marketing Automation platform. We had come to realize over our earlier years as consultants in the B2B Marketing area, that Marketers are looking for easy-to-use and scalable tools to grow and boost their efforts. It was clear that we needed to give these people a service just as that and we wanted to take it even one step further – give it away for Free! Quite bold to be a start-up from Stockholm (Sweden), not from Boulder or Silicon, and with an average age around 40 something… Sounds mad?

A lot of people told us so, this was crazy (and it still might be true!?) to do a thing like that without a big backup from a VC. We didn’t have that then and maybe we wont ever go there, it depends on what you, our customers, the world of Marketers and users want from us. It might turn out to be necessary to be able to give Marketers the platform they deserve, we will see. By keep on listening to all of you we will know which steps we need to take.

Now gearing up for a great 2014

One year has passed and a lot of Marketers (so far +1 300 st)  have found out about us and decided to sign up for an account to see what we have got under the hood. The response we have got is outstanding and for those who have started using Leadsius on regular basis, we have had a lot of interaction with them figuring out what we can do better with what we have today and what kind of features they want to see in the future.

We have just begun! Expect a lot more to come

One year and it is just the beginning! One year from now we will see where we are and what we are doing for you, but one thing is definitely sure, we will continue to create a marketing platform  that makes Marketers the heroes of tomorrow – don’t you ever forget that you’re the growth builders the world is relying on.

SMB Marketers has to be smarter! 

We have learned a lot during this year about what SMB Marketers want from a Marketing Automation platform, but most of all we have realized that SMB Companies must work smarter than their bigger competitors. There is just not realistic to spend time on guessing how the perfect MA-project could look like in a year or two, we don´t know that and we cannot afford to try to figure it out either. SMB Marketers works lean and smart, starts off small, learn from the outcome during their progress and accelerate over time, on the foundation of actual results and learnings. We do like that way of approaching every single business aspect and especially when it comes to Marketing Automation.

Start off do what you already have planned to do the next couple of months and make sure those activities are executed with the help of your Marketing Automation solution instead of whatever system or apps you usually do stuff with. There you go, you are now up and running with a MA-pilot that constantly are collecting a lot of data for you to analyze and take action on when you are ready. We do realize that every single aspect of our business needs to match this process and we’re determined to do exactly that!

We do have a deep and true commitment to make a difference for B2B Marketers all around the world and this is just the first step. If you like what we do, please help us spread the word to your fellow Marketers friends in the whole world. They need us and we need your help!

 Thanks a lot from all of us!