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Feature Comparison Chart

Free / Premium
Contact Management
Contact Database
Import & Export
Content Tools
Media Repository
Web Form Creator
Landing Page Creator
Email Creator
Email Follow-up Tasks
Email & Page Templates
List Management
Static Lists
Dynamic Smart Lists
Workflow Automation
Web Form Submit Actions
Advanced Workflow Rules
Reports & Analytics
Web Analytics
Contact Insight
Forms and Page Reports
Email and Workflow Reports
Visitor Web Tracking
Custom Fields
Your Own Domain (URL)
Custom Sender Identities
API access
WordPress Plugin
Additional Support
On-boarding Services $
Professional Services $

Common Questions

Do you offer yearly plans?

If you pay for a year up-front (annual agreement) you’re eligible for a discount off of the month-to-month price.

Do you have mandatory on-boarding costs?

Definitely not. While we do offer on-boarding solutions, nothing about them is mandatory or forced on you.

Do I need a credit card to create a free account?

Nope. No credit cards, no commitments, no problem!

Who owns my data & what happens if I want to leave?

Rest assured that you own data and we will never hold your data hostage in the event that you wish to migrate away from our platform.

I’m a marketing agency. Can I use Leadsius on behalf of my clients?

Leadsius is the perfect companion to help boost your client offering. Please see our partner programs for more details on how you can get started.

Do you limit email send outs, web form submissions or landing page views?

We do not place a limit on the amount on any of the above for both free and premium accounts.