Real Time Marketing – Shorten your sales cycle

19 Apr Real Time Marketing – Shorten your sales cycle


By doing Real Time Marketing the sales cycles of Business-to-Business products can be shortened. Real Time Marketing is about to market to your audience at the exact right timing for them. 

As long as your audience is not bigger than you can remember them in your head its pretty easy to understand the process of sending your leads the right message at the right time. The challenge becomes when you’ve got to set this in a process to stimulate hundreds if not thousand’s of leads.

Real Time Marketing is all about action! 

To be able to do “Real Time Marketing” for a business its necessary to have a set of tools such as Leadsius backing your process. However, the great challenge is to create exactly the right content to your leads in time.

In order for you to do “Real Time Marketing” its necessary to dig under the “hood” of your customers purchasing cycle so you know what to say at the right time. However, you also need to distinguish between different stake holders information interest from the buyer’s perspective.

Finally, its also great if you can instantly adopt your messaging when a possibility emerges. A great story of successful Real Time Marketing to be told is the following:

“Company A is being acquired by company B. Company C is a competitor to company A. Company C emails to company’s A client’s before Company B which made it possible for company C to take over several of company A’s clients. “

Marketing has always been a lot of planning. Real Time Marketing is all about execution. A Marketer can’t anymore schedule their week before it happen’s, you need to be able to act NOW.

Another story come’s from Samsung vs Apple. When Iphone 5 was released Samsung in North America had assembled their whole Sales & Marketing Management team in a “War Room”. The task was to interact in Real Time through Social Media about Samsung vs Iphone 5  as well as craft a message comparing Iphone 5 with Samsung’s latest product. 

Samsung managed to create such great commercials from this “Real Time” activity that the sales for Samsung exploded after Iphone 5 was released.

Marketing in 2013 is about planning your next activity, however, those marketers who are not ready to also act in Real Time – you’re going to get side tracked!

Finally, why don’t you listen to our expert, Gillian Muessig, co-founder of SEOMoz in this excellent podcast!