Saab Automobile Parts AB invests in new business driven website with Marketing Automation from Leadsius

12 Nov Saab Automobile Parts AB invests in new business driven website with Marketing Automation from Leadsius

Saab Automobile Parts AB chooses Swedish Marketing Automation company Leadsius to create their new website

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As part of the delivery, Leadsius will create an Inbound and Content Marketing Strategy and implement the Leadsius Marketing Automation platform. Happy F&B has developed the brand platform, the new name of the company and a new visual identity. Happy F&B has also designed the new website.   

The overall goal for Saab Automobile Parts is to become one of the leading  players in the spare parts market by offering auto repair shops and wholesalers a supply chain that they can grow their entire businesses with. For the company’s Marketing Manager Johan Ran this means a change in marketing strategy based on the customers’, i.e. the auto repair shops’ and wholesalers’, challenges and needs.

- “Saab Automobile has traditionally been very good at consumer marketing and this has also influenced marketing communications for Saab Parts. It will remain important to us in the future, but now we want to show our customers that we are a strong partner who can support their entire businesses. With this in mind, we need to create a new customer-centric approach that will help our auto repair shops and wholesalers to grow their businesses”, says Johan Ran, Marketing Manager at Saab Automobile Parts.

Saab Automobile Parts will change its name to Orio AB on November 13. Orio will be introduced as a new alternative on the market with a much larger product and services portfolio and an approach that will appeal to many shops and wholesalers. Johan’s plan with Orio’s marketing strategy includes all aspects of the business but the new web site will be the “hub” of his work as Inbound and Content Marketing is the foundation of the new strategy. To succeed in this transition, Leadsius was chosen as a partner.

-“For Leadsius it means a lot to have a chance to work with a well known brand like Saab Automobile Parts. We are very pleased to be a part in shaping the new company’s digital strategy, which is an important recognition for us. The delivery and our part of the project is both challenging and exciting. We are very much looking forward to the launch and a continued cooperation with Orio”, says Markus Lundin, CEO of Leadsius.
- “The single most important reason I chose Leadsius as a partner for the project, was that they are a company that lives and breathes the new age marketing in all its forms. They do not just talk about it and act as consultants for others, their whole business is done with the help of Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Marketing Automation “says Johan about why he chose Leadsius as a partner.


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