Company Profile

Industry: Software

Number of Employees: 20-50

Location: Stockholm, Sweden

Focus: B2B


SecMaker is the leading supplier of smart-card-based security solutions to companies, public agencies and organizations in the Nordic region. Our solutions protect and safeguard information, systems and data traffic for more than one million business users in Scandinavia. 20 years of experience of IT security in complex environments gives us a unique position.

After Implementing Leadsius


Emmelie Hardenborg,
Marketing coordinator, Secmaker

Before Leadsius we had no effective way of tracking our leads, tracking content downloads or nurturing our audience thereafter. Leadsius is easy to use, within our budget and offered a very low barrier when it came to integrating with our website.

Optimized Call-To-Action’s

As you can see, Secmaker has done a great job of making sure that their website¬†converts by optimizing different areas with brightly colored CTA’s that capture the eye and boost conversions.


Gated Content

Here on the knowledge base area of Secmaker’s website, they offer well organized content in a variety of formats, all gated and optimized to ensure they’re capturing essential information on their prospects. This is the gateway to segmentation and more one-to-one dialogue with your audience.

Premium Content

Key products and pages on the Secmaker website are dedicated to premium content, whereby clutter is reduced and the focus is placed on one key piece of content available for download or utilized as a conversion point.


Blog Conversions

As with most brands today, Secmaker stays active with a blog and also utilizes this area to capture contact details from those who wish to stay up-to-date with news, articles and other relevant posts. As with all form submissions, these contacts are automatically added to Leadsius to begin nurturing.

Newsletters & Campaign Launches

Utilizing our drag & drop html email editor, Secmaker is able to quickly produce newsletters or campaign launch emails in line with their brand’s aesthetic that are mobile responsive, with brightly colored responsive CTA buttons to drive traffic & conversions.

secmaker training invitation

Training & Event Invitations

Utilizing our web form builder, drag & drop email editor and wordpress plugin, Secmaker is able to quickly produce event & training invitations that care of the whole process from sending the invitation to registration and follow up nurturing.


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