Start to sell more to existing customers

17 Feb Selling more to existing customers

Welcome to the final blog post in our series on inbound marketing.

By now you’ve learned:

  1. Why inbound marketing?
  2. Driving website traffic
  3. Capturing leads on your website
  4. Nurturing leads from inbound marketing
  5. Closing sales

In this final post you will learn about:

Selling more to existing customers

After a purchase, make sure to follow up with information about easy ways to get started and make use of exclusive features and advantages of your product or service. Include the contact information of a person that can help with additional service if needed, as well as information on add-ons that can make the product experience even better.

Most companies spend a lot more time and resources chasing new customers than making sure the existing ones are satisfied. Developing a new customer and getting them to buy what you are offering costs between five and seven times the amount of getting an existing customer to make additional purchases. A successful business requires customers who stick around or return once in a while and who are satisfied. It’s not just about loyalty. In many cases, satisfied customers serve as ambassadors for your business when they share their positive experiences with friends and colleagues and in their networks.

Providing a good service is a very important marketing aspect. Along with that, superior customer relationship management gives an enormous competitive advantage and enables you to sell more. Take yourself as an example; think about companies that offer you excellent service and if you are still their customer. Make sure you keep the same warm attitude that you use to win over new customers during the course of your relationship. Positive experiences lead to recurring purchases and recommendations. Providing good service is a core value that should permeate throughout your business, from the management level down to each and every individual employee’s daily work.

Delivering on your promises – automatically

Parts of what creates good customer relationship management can be automated in an insightful and clever manner, which reduces the burden placed on the company and enables customers to feel well taken care of and appreciated.

Another significant aspect is education and training. It can easily be broken down into several small parts that can be automated and which in turn, and in the long run, can reap lots of rewards for both your business and for the customer.


The art of up selling is not easy and you have to learn a very important rule which is the 80/20 rule in just about all types of marketing. 80 percent of your profit comes from 20 percent of your customers. In spite of that, the majority of small businesses spend their time and energy on hunting down new customers and trying to up-sell to customers playing hard to get.

Communication with customers shouldn’t end when they have completed their first purchase. Consistent communication with existing customers is important and will help you sell more. Customers that have had a positive buying experience with your business will come back. Continue to develop and maintain your relationship and let your existing customers find out about new products and services that could be of interest to them. They will be happy and thankful for these tips, which will get them to buy.

Getting references

Don’t forget the final step in the process – getting your customers to recommend you. You will get even more customers through recommendations. Don’t forget to thank people who recommend you, through social media, discounts or simply with a personal email. We all trust friends and acquaintances more than businesses and that is why recommendations from your satisfied customers are a great benefit to you. Creating membership programmes and getting partners and distributors to recommend you on their websites and in newsletters generates lead traffic to your website.

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