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01 Sep Future Marketers – Growth Hackers or Customer Heroes?

Growth Hacker or Customer Hero? What will be the one most important mission to accomplish for the future Marketer?

Is it even possible to argue that there will be one single task superior all others? I guess not, but there is obvious some skills will be more important than others. And it is up to you to make the choices along the way to where you want to be and how to define your future work.

What type of Marketer do you want to be?

As the field of Marketing is in constant change, Marketers has certainly the ability to adapt new trends to improve our work. The entrance of marketing technology is no exception and as the web is where it all happens, technology has become a very important part of our jobs. There is a big need to understand what it is all about, but does it mean we all need to learn code and manage several IT-platforms? Is our future success depending on how well we can set up technology to work for us? I think so, but I am not sure it means that we should define ourselves as Growth Hackers in the sense of more technical skilled persons, who actually can do a lot of coding. Or is it better to define our job as Digital Marketers? Of course, the title itself isn't that important, but how we learn to take advantage of the marketing technology available is. And it might be a good idea for every Marketer to decide on where you're aiming.

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11 Apr Want to see your B2B Marketing Skyrocket? Stop planning and get into Action.

countdownSee the world through the eyes of your customer!

Marketing planning includes a lot of guessing. No matter how much data you have gathered, no matter how much knowledge you have about your market, you are in the game of assumptions laying out your puzzle called - marketing planning. Having a solid strategy to lean on is crucial, to set up a marketing plan supporting it is as important - if it´s built on knowledge about your audience and their goals. If not, it`s wasted.

 Stop guessing! It might be funny and it might look fabulous on the whiteboard, but the reality is likely not even near your whiteboard drawings. For every single assumption, you risk to get further away from ideas that might work out as good as you want too. Sorry to say, but the “big plan” will not do the job, but your audience might do it for you - if you understand them and give them something they want. That is the key, they can make you rise and shine or let you fade away forever...

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22 Nov The ever ongoing Marketing evolution – How to become a Modern B2B Marketer

Last week we at Leadsius did our second Google Hangout session. It is far from perfect, but we do as we preach - testing out how we can interact with our audience in the best way and we are certainly learning by doing! And our intentions is good, we really want to reach out to the B2B Marketing community and share what we are constantly learning in our work to provide all of you with a high quality Marketing Automation solution that fits SMB companies perfect, is affordable and scalable. We have been superheroin beta mode for one year and are right now preparing ourselves and our platform for a "relaunch" later this year. The lessons we learned from all our users and the ideas and feedback we have got has been so valuable for us. Thanks a lot! 

If you want to check out our Hangout, please do and patient with some "issues" with both language and some technical problems. My colleague Lennart Svanberg (LS) is interviewing me on the topic - The future of Modern B2B Marketing, the interview starts 9.03 minutes into the Hangout if you want to jump to it right away. Watch our Hangout here!  This topic is huge and I would love to hear your own thoughts about  how to succeed as a Modern B2B Marketer today. Read the interview...

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12 Nov Tune in your B2B Marketing for Inbound Power

Guest post from Luchy Edwards, Digital Marketing Specialist at Hudson Digital in New York. 


Outbound marketing is familiar to all of us as “advertising”. It's a one way stream of information hoping to connect with an anonymous audience. Outbound marketing includes direct mail, TV and radio ads, a booth at a tradeshow and cold-calling.

 Digital Inbound Marketing is quite different. It's very flexible, much more interactive and can be powerfully effective when done properly. One of the most important strengths of inbound marketing is that it's based on the concept of “opt-in” communications: where a prospect has provided their contact information at some point in your company's interaction with them in a manner which permits you to send them information chiefly via email and which can result in conversations.

 "In fact, it's its core strength: the ability to create conversations – two way communication between you and your prospects. They're not anonymous, and you grow to learn more about individual preferences and areas of interest with each interaction".

Further, you can move prospects (using Marketing Automation tools) more rapidly to sales by nurturing them with information that is relevant to their business needs, while at the same time establishing yourself as the authority capable of helping them.

 It's fairly well known that digital marketing succeeds best when deploying different messages to different segments, or “behavioral groups”. Inbound marketing makes a science of this deployment, and here's how...

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05 Sep Manifesto – say What?

manifestoManifesto, that’s what we shall write, said my marketing friend and looked at me with his most visionary look. Manifesto, that’s the thing! Okey, I said, let’s do that, let’s write a Manifesto. What’s that? My marketing friend stared at me, you're getting old man. You know, a Manifesto is key if you want to tell your audience why they even should consider buy anything from you! Audience? Audience, I mumbled, what about customers? Are they also getting old?

After hours talking about how to do Marketing like a Rockstar, values and reason to be, I felt a little bit more comfortable with the task. So we dug into it with great enthusiasm and the result is right here on our site. It’s about us and what we want to achieve, whom we doing it for and why.

This is why it matters for you too...

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19 May 10 commandments of the modern B2B Marketer

The modern MarketerThere is no doubt Marketing has totally changed from finding suitable adjectives for your services or products and loudly shout it out to something we used to call target groups. For Modern B2B Marketing it´s all about creating value for your customers by providing your expertise to solve your customers real challenges to build trust that ends up gaining new business.

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19 Apr Real Time Marketing – Shorten your sales cycle


By doing Real Time Marketing the sales cycles of Business-to-Business products can be shortened. Real Time Marketing is about to market to your audience at the exact right timing for them. 

As long as your audience is not bigger than you can remember them in your head its pretty easy to understand the process of sending your leads the right message at the right time. The challenge becomes when you've got to set this in a process to stimulate hundreds if not thousand's of leads.

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