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25 Jun Leadsius becomes a strategic partner to IDG Content & Marketing Services in Sweden

IDG_CMSIDG Content & Marketing Services, a leading content marketing agency in Sweden signs a strategic partnership with the Swedish marketing automation company Leadsius. The cooperation means that Leadsius Marketing automation platform becomes a key component in IDGs offering to its customers. IDG Sweden becomes the first Leadsius partner who primarily will use a newly developed Wordpress plugin, with built in Marketing Automation functionalities to create great hubs for converting content.

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08 Apr How to convert leads from inbound marketing

Convert leads from inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is the big thing when you want to convert web visitors to leads, that is what you've heard? But how do really get going to convert leads from inbound marketing?

You can do it very complex or, as we at Leadsius prefer, make it simple and start doing stuff.

So how do you start your inbound marketing journey?

  • How will it convert to leads?
  • How will the leads convert to business opportunities?
  • How do you make sure that the business opportunities are handled by your sales force?
  • How will your inbound marketing close deals for your business?

First of all you need to have something everybody wants; information, or content if we should use the cool buzz word that’s on everyone's lips these days...

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11 Feb Companies cannot build brands – only people can

People are the only ones who can build brands

This is a post that I wrote on my personal blog for almost a year ago, but it´s worth to be published once again in this context. There has always been one of the top issues for marketers - how to build a brand. It goes wrong from the very beginning cause it´s actually impossible for a company to build brands even tough many still think they can. People are the only one how can and companies has to concentrate on doing stuff that matters to people. Agree? 

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31 Jan Create Content like a Rolling Stone

[caption id="attachment_1606" align="alignnone" width="694"]rollingstones Create content like a Rockstar[/caption]

Content Marketing is for sure a powerful method to attract your and nurture your audience, but it demands content, good content that does the job all the way. So the question is - How do you create content like a Super Star? Is it coming to you from the sky? Is it because someone tells you to do it? There's no magic behind the creation of lyrics, writing a blog post or making an info graphics. Its the combination of generating ideas, putting these ideas into work and then spread them through every means available. Let me tell you about how great content is created!

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07 Jan How to get your Content Marketing leaving mainstream

Every single day the digital flood of content just keep on roll in in like never ending waves. It has come to a point where I am filtering and selecting what to read (or scan) in a very harsh way and unpredictable manors. Depending on how much time I have and in what mood I am, a lot of good content disappears just by an impatient click. I guess I miss out of a lot of good content, but it´s the only way to stay alive.

This is what you have to consider to stand out and perform! 

Content Marketing starts by being excellent

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04 Dec Exactly what is Marketing Automation all about?

I’m sure that you have heard about it before. An Industry is booming and there are a lot of “buzz” going on about two magic words; Marketing Automation. It is certainly all about Marketing and you should be thankful for that, because that´s what marketers do, create outstanding ideas that make our businesses grow. But what has happened is that modern technology has made it possible to do your marketing even better.

The word automation explains a huge part of what it can do for you, but there’s much more than that...

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