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11 Apr Want to see your B2B Marketing Skyrocket? Stop planning and get into Action.

countdownSee the world through the eyes of your customer!

Marketing planning includes a lot of guessing. No matter how much data you have gathered, no matter how much knowledge you have about your market, you are in the game of assumptions laying out your puzzle called - marketing planning. Having a solid strategy to lean on is crucial, to set up a marketing plan supporting it is as important - if it´s built on knowledge about your audience and their goals. If not, it`s wasted.

 Stop guessing! It might be funny and it might look fabulous on the whiteboard, but the reality is likely not even near your whiteboard drawings. For every single assumption, you risk to get further away from ideas that might work out as good as you want too. Sorry to say, but the “big plan” will not do the job, but your audience might do it for you - if you understand them and give them something they want. That is the key, they can make you rise and shine or let you fade away forever...

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22 Nov The ever ongoing Marketing evolution – How to become a Modern B2B Marketer

Last week we at Leadsius did our second Google Hangout session. It is far from perfect, but we do as we preach - testing out how we can interact with our audience in the best way and we are certainly learning by doing! And our intentions is good, we really want to reach out to the B2B Marketing community and share what we are constantly learning in our work to provide all of you with a high quality Marketing Automation solution that fits SMB companies perfect, is affordable and scalable. We have been superheroin beta mode for one year and are right now preparing ourselves and our platform for a "relaunch" later this year. The lessons we learned from all our users and the ideas and feedback we have got has been so valuable for us. Thanks a lot! 

If you want to check out our Hangout, please do and patient with some "issues" with both language and some technical problems. My colleague Lennart Svanberg (LS) is interviewing me on the topic - The future of Modern B2B Marketing, the interview starts 9.03 minutes into the Hangout if you want to jump to it right away. Watch our Hangout here!  This topic is huge and I would love to hear your own thoughts about  how to succeed as a Modern B2B Marketer today. Read the interview...

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