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25 Jun Leadsius becomes a strategic partner to IDG Content & Marketing Services in Sweden

IDG_CMSIDG Content & Marketing Services, a leading content marketing agency in Sweden signs a strategic partnership with the Swedish marketing automation company Leadsius. The cooperation means that Leadsius Marketing automation platform becomes a key component in IDGs offering to its customers. IDG Sweden becomes the first Leadsius partner who primarily will use a newly developed Wordpress plugin, with built in Marketing Automation functionalities to create great hubs for converting content.

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03 Mar Agile Marketing – Why it works and how to make it work

agile_balanceWhy agile marketing works and how to make it work for you!  It´s an act of balance.

As Marketer you are always in a battle between what to do next and what to do right now, there is always something new to act on and understand in the evolution of marketing,  I guess that is never gonna change.

You might have the perfect strategy and even the best plan ever, but there is always new "stuff" creeping up on you challenging your priorities, that is for sure stressful and we need to find a way forward to take away a lot of insecurity and frustration. Not knowing if you´re adding value to your business right now and tomorrow. We all go there from time to time and I have over the years tried a lot of different approaches to keep me on track and reduce the stress. I have figured out a model that keeps me on track for now and keeps me away from the "bling-bling" of the future. 

As a Marketer your definitive goal is to put in as much time and effort that is needed to add value to your companies business needs as they are today. At the same time your job is to create ideas to grow your business over time, it is an act of balance. Being committed to adding value in short- and long term demands a lot of hard work and ability to understand your market and your audience. Not a job for everyone...

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27 Dec Leadsius teams up with Vendemore to be able to provide more qualified leads to B2B marketers

The Swedish Marketing Automation company Leadsius is happy to let their customers know that they today also can offer company targeted online advertising for B2B, thanks to their new partnership with Vendemore. The partnership combines the two most interesting marketing disciplines for B2B today, Marketing Automation and Pipeline Marketing. B2B marketers...

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12 Nov Tune in your B2B Marketing for Inbound Power

Guest post from Luchy Edwards, Digital Marketing Specialist at Hudson Digital in New York. 


Outbound marketing is familiar to all of us as “advertising”. It's a one way stream of information hoping to connect with an anonymous audience. Outbound marketing includes direct mail, TV and radio ads, a booth at a tradeshow and cold-calling.

 Digital Inbound Marketing is quite different. It's very flexible, much more interactive and can be powerfully effective when done properly. One of the most important strengths of inbound marketing is that it's based on the concept of “opt-in” communications: where a prospect has provided their contact information at some point in your company's interaction with them in a manner which permits you to send them information chiefly via email and which can result in conversations.

 "In fact, it's its core strength: the ability to create conversations – two way communication between you and your prospects. They're not anonymous, and you grow to learn more about individual preferences and areas of interest with each interaction".

Further, you can move prospects (using Marketing Automation tools) more rapidly to sales by nurturing them with information that is relevant to their business needs, while at the same time establishing yourself as the authority capable of helping them.

 It's fairly well known that digital marketing succeeds best when deploying different messages to different segments, or “behavioral groups”. Inbound marketing makes a science of this deployment, and here's how...

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