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29 Nov Want to succeed with Content Marketing – Think and act like a rock band

Content Marketing is all about attracting an audience- What if you started to see your company as a rock band? And if you did, how would your marketing look like? Imagine your customers as your audience is how you get started with your Content Marketing. 

I like marketing that gets into my nerves. Touches my feelings. And most importantly, talks to my heart and brain that if I choose this brand I’m the smartest person alive as it fits my life. 

I think you all agree that marketing has a tendency to be boring, too pushy and not too fun. I also guess you have read articles and blog posts of how the role of marketers are changing. The marketers are becoming publisher of content instead of ad producers. What does this mean for everyone trying to get attention from prospects? The answer is; think and act like your favorite rock band!

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