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12 May The Marketing Automation industry is building hurdles to screen out customers – SMB Marketers are the losers!

hurdlesThings are heating up!

The leading providers protects their business models by building hurdles, SMB/SME companies interest in Marketing Automation increases for every day, traditional IT-companies acquires MAS companies, there is a rapid growth in the industry and a lot of new vendors are out there. Where does it takes us? Here´s my reflections and predictions.
Mr. David Raab wrote these words in an analysis lately about new competitors coming up in the Marketing Automation landscape. "--- In fact, the trend in the marketing automation industry has generally been to increase rather than remove barriers to getting started ---" Read the full post here.
Later in the same post he points out that vendors like Hubspot and Infusionsoft even screen out companies who haven´t got the money or the time to take on the hard work of getting started with Marketing Automation. This means they are actively disqualifying a huge part of all SMB Marketers the chance to take advantage of of new smart marketing technology. The business model of “screening” works as long as the market keeps on growing and it will keep on doing so until 2020.
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06 May How modern Marketing Technology Challenges your Creativity!

Modern Marketing Technology sets you in position to be as creative and smart as you always wanted to be...

Marketing technology Marketing has always been and will always be about creating outstanding ideas! If you thought creativity only was for big Advertising Agencies making expensive TV-spots you are definitely wrong. It is in fact more important than ever to stand out and connect to your audience with creative and remarkable ideas - in every interaction you possible can achieve, your ”marketing-voice” needs to hit the sweet-spot of emotions to trigger action. Think your job as a B2B Marketer is more about processes and planning you better think again. You see, great ideas put into a well executed plan is what you are aiming for and modern technology will actually help you make it happen...
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27 Dec Leadsius teams up with Vendemore to be able to provide more qualified leads to B2B marketers

The Swedish Marketing Automation company Leadsius is happy to let their customers know that they today also can offer company targeted online advertising for B2B, thanks to their new partnership with Vendemore. The partnership combines the two most interesting marketing disciplines for B2B today, Marketing Automation and Pipeline Marketing. B2B marketers...

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16 Mar How Marketing Automation works for SMB – SME Marketers

[caption id="attachment_1767" align="aligncenter" width="694"]Marketing Automation - Step by step Marketing Automation - Step by step[/caption]

In a Techaisle report, a global SME - SMB & Channel ICT Market Research Analyst firm, it comes clear that Marketing Automation is not only for the big guys. Small and medium sized businesses are adopting the technology and the trend is clear, benefits from Marketing Automation is highly prioritized for SMB - SME companies all around the globe. (Read the full article here!) The question is, how should small and medium sized businesses use Marketing Automation and most important, what will the outcome be?  Marketers are ready to use this new technology to grow their businesses step by step...

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